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Bantu Pori Journeys is a trustworthy company in Tanzania, with offices in Kilimanjaro region.
“Bantu Pori Journeys” means “People & Wilderness Journeys”
What is Bantu ?
THE BANTU are an ancient group of people from Africa, whose origins are unclear. They migrated slowly (beginning about 1000 B.C.), such as in small groups and in the process of traveling they became known no longer as West Africans.
THE BANTU, translated means “THE PEOPLE”

What is Pori ?
PORI is a swahili short form of a word “PORINI”, which simply means

Our journeys are crafted by a diverse family and team born-bred in Tanzania – Africa, who love the country and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native angle. This natural advantage allows us to introduce and differentiate to travelers with shared interests the wide-ranging realism of Tanzania both its people, spectacular beauty, the power of its unforgettable sense of wilderness and outback sovereignty.