Where can I buy trekking equipment in Kathmandu?

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Hi guys – anyone know where to buy the best (and at reasonable prices) trekking equipment in Kathmandu?


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Hi James,

I met someone today who works with a local manufacturer in Nepal and knows a store with reasonable prices at western quality standards. I’ll post it here once they send me the name.

Most stuff is pretty good quality these days. They say they’re even using the same sewing machines that the Chinese factories use to make the name-brand products. Except here they cost 1/3-1/4 the price.

Check out the zipper quality, the elastic, and the cut/stitching of whatever you’re looking to buy – that’s where you’ll notice a difference between in quality from shop to shop…

more to come,

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Alright, thanks Alex. Appreciate it.


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The gear shop is called Everest Hardwear – http://everesthardwear.com.np/. I haven’t been there yet, so call for directions first if you can. But given what my friend said, this would be a good place to start your search.


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In addition to the places mentioned here

….sports wear international–they also sell in Europe under Hi himal brand I bought a great down jacket, very high quality after looking at nmrs locateions…also Shonas, there is also the very good trek shop call Kala Patar which is jammed with Nepalis, trek leaders, people down from the high hills etc…they have a small shop front a couple of mins N or the KTM G H around two turns to the left…but the good deal is they have a wholesale warehouse about the Tibetan restaurant across the street, you can just walk up and see tons of stuff…..


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Thanks, Roger. I think I’ll check these places out myself as well. I’m going to buy a down jacket before I head home as the last one I bought here years ago held up really well.

I’d be interested to test out the quality of the water-resistance they use here, as Goretex jackets back home cost $400-500. It would be great to get a descent jacket from here that could handle the weather..

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Alex, I liked the quality best at sports wear international though of course Shonas was good too but all in all the features at sportswear international were best,,,paid 5000rs at that time about 85rs/$ for top line heavy jacket for going over 3 passes….Hi Himal brand.


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That seems about the right price for getting the best quality here. The down jacket I bought years ago (mid-warmth) was around $50, so makes sense. They’re great down jackets but they don’t compact that well 🙂

will check out sportswear as well..

Go to Mingma at The Everest Equipment. The best; we haven’t been cold on any of our trips, nor does the down come out. His shop is near the Kathmandu Guest House; come out of the gate and turn left. It’s on the left, before Northfield Cafe.

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Where can I get a down sleeping bag (hand made) trekking poles & Base layer/quality gear in KMD. Im tall- 6’4″

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Hi Rich,

try the above mentioned locations, and also try Holyland, which is near the Sonam trekking shop. If you ask where Sonam is people should know, and then when you’re nearby there, ask for Holyland (it is down the street that ‘t-junctions’ into Sonam’s)… not sure how else to explain it! Holyland has a mixture of name-brand and knock-off good quality name-brand.



There are wide areas in Kathmandu where you can buy trekking gears and equipment. Almost every places you can see several thrift shops and sporting goods and some veritable bazaar of outdoor gear. However, trekking equipment need not to be simple and so you need to buy one with brand name, authentic and from reliable stores. Don’t just get unbranded, they always put your life at risk. At this site (www.switchbacktravel.com/nepal/buying-renting-trekking-gear-kathmandu) you can see many sports equipment stores just in downtown, so visit URL so you can have initial look to the place before going there.

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I was going to ask this question too, am I better buying it there than bringing it from in the Uk?

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Hi Savanna,

I would definitely bring my own pair of hiking boots from home, and perhaps a quality rain jacket as well. All other gear you can get in Kathmandu at one of the shops mentioned above at a good enough quality but much cheaper price…


I would have agreed entirely some years ago, but recently have bought all my boots in Kathmandu and have done a lot of trekking! It’s up to you but they will be cheaper and not necessarily worse quality if bought in Nepal.Make you have time to try them on a local walk in Kathmandu before you head off on trek though! I got mine in Chhetrapati, in one of four trekking equipment shops on the left as you come down from the Kathmandu Guest House.
Otherwise, as usual, for all other equipment we recommend Mingmar at the Everest Equipment shop, on the left as you come out of the Kathmandu Guest House.

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I stand corrected. @savannasmiles, Sian has done much more trekking than I have in Nepal and I would go with her advice! Good luck 🙂

Thanks Sian!


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