Fuel Crisis

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I was suppose to fly to Kathmandhu Oct 27th and was going to book a flight to Lukla and do the 3 passes trek in the everest region. Just wondering how the fuel crisis is affecting Nepal, its difficult to find info of whats going on. Are flights still going to Lukla?
Thanks so much!



Hello Brittney, What you hearing about fuel crisis in Nepal is true. But you can easily trek in Everest Base camp and other trekking around everest. The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is running contentiously as use all . If you need any kind of information please fell free to contact me at sudipadhikari21@outlook.com
Have a nice trip to Nepal
Sudip Adhikari
Manager, A One Nepal Trek Pvt. Ltd.

Travel buddy

Thank you so much for your information and help Sudip, I really appreciate it!!! I am headed to Nepal this week and couldn’t be more excited.
Thanks again,


You are most welcome my friend.Have a wonderful trip in Nepal. Please fell free to contact me if you need any kinds of help in Nepal.

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