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Hi, my name is Salikram Thapa. You can call me Salik or Thapa for short. I am a wanderer, and have always been so. Being born in Nepal, close to the mountains has probably made me so. I love the mountains and the wisdom it brings to me. I have guided more than 1000 trekkers through the valleys of the marvellous mountain treks that Nepal has to offer. I have experience of over 20 years and am a hardcore local of Nepal which helps me to understand the local culture and its sensitivities.

I am also a student of philosophy and love to share it with my clients after experimenting it in my own life. I am married with a beautiful wife and a lovely son.

If my profile interests you and you want a loyal and trustworthy guide to take you to the high altitudes then do write me a mail. I look forward to seeing your smile.

Best wishes,

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