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Everest Base Camp Trek Ujjwal Rai Ujjwal Rai 12 days $1150
Annapurna Base Camp Trek Ujjwal Rai Ujjwal Rai 10 days $625

About Ujjwal

I am a University graduate working as a guide since 2006. I initially started my career as a porter as I had always had passion for travel. Although opportunity knocked my doors many times I had decided to work in the field of tourism so I gave the exam for Travel guide and was approved.

My belief is that wherever you work, if you are passionate about your work you will know the core values of work and will never disappoint your clients. “Customer satisfaction” is what have been working for and I believe have justified till the day.

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Highlight of my trip to Nepal!

Reviewed on Jan 8, 2015.

Ujjwal is very passionate about is job and clearly love what he’s doing. His english is very good and he as a lot of conversation, making it always fun and enjoyable! He is really funny as well.

He took amazing pictures of our trek and was happy to share it with me. Doing the trip with him, I felt I had a chance to see the real Nepal and talk to the local people. Even after the trek, bakc in Kathmandu, he was waiting for me at the bus stop to show me the way back to my hotel, which was very kind if him!


Reviewed on Jan 3, 2015.

Great guide. English is excellent allowing discussion of all sorts of things. Good sense of humour. Always keen to help.

This was ujjwals first time doing manaslu so his knowledge of this particular area is improving quickly. He would very quickly find out any info we needed to know.



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  1. Do you have experience guiding the Manaslu Circuit Trek? I want to do it starting from Kathmandu on November 19th in about 13 days. Hoping to fly out of Kathmandu on Dec. 1st or 2nd.

    • Hi Richard,

      Sorry for late reply! I was busy in the mountains. I dont know if it is too late to reply or not but yes I have experience for Manaslu trek and sure Id keep my time free if you still wanna do it.


  2. Hi – I’m interested in hiring just a guide for a Manaslu trek. I’ll be arriving in KTM on the Sep 26 and would be available to trek for about 13 days. I understand it may be necessary to tent due to earthquake damage in villages, this is OK. Are you interested in coming as a guide?


  3. Hi Richard and Noah,

    Sorry if we are too late to reply your message as I was not notified about it until this morning. I am ujjwal rai and I have done Manaslu circuit trek and Manaslu Tsum valley. After the earthquake we would have to walk new trails and except for 1 or 2 nights we do not need to do camping. I have done Manaslu trek for several times.

  4. Hi Ujjwal Dai,
    I am planning to trek till lake tilcho . But I don’t have the faintest idea about route and the itinerary and the costing . I would join you in your trek but I can’t afford it . Since your a well experienced guide in this route . Could you please help me with itinerary till tilcho and the costing for the trek.
    Hoping for your help .

  5. hi Aayur,

    Please write to me at info@wevte.com and Ill help my best!

  6. Namaste Ujjwal Dai,

    I am looking for a guide for the Manaslu circuit and saw your clients good reviews for you. They seem very happy with your guiding, well done 🙂

    I am arriving in KTM 17th December and hope to be trekking as soon as possible. Would it be possible to get the permits on Friday morning?

    If yes, then I can trek for about 16 days; hope to do the circuit with a couple of rest days and side trips.

    I understand that we need to have two trekkers to get the permit. I think I may have another trekker interested to go.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you 🙂

  7. Namaste Ujjwal Dai,
    I am coming to nepal on 22nd march to do manaslu circuit trek. Please can you let me know what your charge is for guide service? I plan to pay for accomodation , food , transport myself. There are 2 of us coming. Please provide a price and what is included/not included. Many Thanks, Ben

  8. Caroline

    Hi Ujjwal,

    My partner and I are arriving in KTM on March 30th, and hope to set out a few days later to trek the Annapurna region for around 20 days, ending in Pokhara. We are looking to hire someone independently for a more flexible trip to get off the AC trail a bit and see a few of the surrounding sights – if you are available please email me back, and if not, we would be open to any recommendations.


  9. Hello Caroline

    Thank you so much for your inquiry for the Trekking in Nepal, First i want to apologies for the late reply coz i wasn’t in the town, i was in the mountain for trekking, so you want to do AC i am free till 22nd of April if you want to book a dates then you can do it as quick as you can, there might other people want to take me as a guide

    Thank you
    Ujjwal Rai

  10. Aloysius

    Hi Ujjwal,

    I am looking at doing a EBC trek in early June. I am a solo backpacker and do not mind travelling with a group if it makes it cheaper. Can you let me know if you guide such a route and whats the cost? Thanks.

  11. Hi Aloysius,

    It is really glad to know that you are coming to Nepal for the first hand, coz you’re coming to Nepal when we really need you, Tourism of Nepal was gone down because of the earthquake so i personally a very happy and thankful to you.

    so you want to do do EBC trek in early June i think i can help you with it, and yeah definitely i will help you with find other people for you but i can’t guarantee.

    So if you want to hire just a guide then it is $25/day and if you want to do it an organized tour then it will be starts from $1,225
    it includes:
    – Your Flights (2ways)
    – Food
    – Accommodation
    – TIMS
    – National Park Ticket
    – Guide Charge
    – Guide flight
    – Guide Food, Accommodation,
    – Guide Insurance.

    The price will go low if you find more people for this trip
    for 2: $1,175
    for 3: $1,125
    for 4: $1050

    if you have more questions & queries then please feel free to contact me,
    i might not be able to reply you after day-after tomorrow for 4 more days but i’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much
    Ujjwal Rai

  12. Peter

    Hello Ujjwal,
    I am looking for a guide/porter to do the Manaslu Circuit approx 20th Oct. I would like to go at an easy pace through the circuit to enjoy it more ~ 20-22 days maybe. Have trekked many times in Nepal but I need someone to carry my pack now (doctors orders)- I travel lightly though. I am wondering if you are interested/available etc. Many thanks . Peter

  13. Tim

    Namaste Ujjwal,

    I am looking for an experienced guide for the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley. There are three of us and we will be arriving into Kathmandu on the 16th of October and would like to start trekking as soon as we can arrange the permits. We would like to spend about 18 days trekking the Manaslu circuit and some parts of the Tsum valley. I am just wondering if you are interested and available for this trek? Many Thanks. Tim.

    • hello tim,
      sounds like you want to do what I do. I arrive 18th oct to do the Manaslu circuit & Tsum. Sounds like your time frame (18 days) is similar to my own. Contact me if you wish as I need a trekking partner due to rules etc.

  14. hey, Uzol is on a quest at the moment but we have other guides who are equally experienced. If you are ok with it please let me know. You can call or message on (+9779851127333) or email info@themountaintrails.com

  15. Hello,
    I am Planning to come to Nepal in 3 days and I would of course like to go for a hike. Since it is my first time there I decided to start with something shorter. I like to go to Annapurna-Khopra Danda and possibly to the lake after. I think this can be done in 10 days? I would like to go with a mixture of Camping and tea house. Mostly camp but maybe couple of times in a tea house just for a shower and internet.Lets say I go alone, What is the cost I am looking for? Basically a guid like you or anyone, I guess a porter, Camping equipment and permits.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hello Nima Uzol is on the mountains at the moment but there are other highly experienced guides as well! Please visit dormnepal.com

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