Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

With Kumar Lama

$2080 USD
per person
Duration 19 days
Max. Altitude3800m
Difficulty Moderate
Cancellation Flexible

Upper Mustang Trek (Tiji festival 2015)

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I was born in 1982 and came to the tourism industry in 1996 after completion of School. Working with several reputed agencies in Nepal and international. I have founded own agency in 2013. A decade experience in Nepal's Himalayas that makes me more confident to operation the any form of adventure holidays in Nepal. And specialized for customized itineraries for trekking, mountaineering and others adventures activities.

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Guiding Experience: 13 years
Nationality: Nepal
Speaks: English, Nepali, French
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  • Strange geographical arrangement.
  • Culture of Lo and ancient Buddhism preferably known as Bon - religion.
  • Beautiful dry landscapes.
  • Stupas, Monasteries and caves
  • Splendid mountain scenery.

Mustang Tiji Festival is believed to have prevailed around the time of Lowo Kenchen (1456-1532), considered as one of the greatest Buddhist teacher and preacher of his time. It was then celebrated with great enthusiasm and was evidently considered as one of the main festival of Lo.

This festival gained its prior glory and reputes after the visit of Ngachen Ngawang Kunga Sonam, a great Sakyapa master from Tibet who was invited so as to pacify the gods and remove any impediment from the Buddhist religious traditions. This master is said to have performed the masked dances as the main dancer (tsowo) and pulled an arrow to drive away demons during the Mustang Tiji festival trek.

The First day Activity of Tiji Festival

The first day Tiji Festival is observed with the sounds of drum, cymbals and horns which are blown by the lamas announcing the beginning of the festival. An enormous Thanka is unrolled down the entire south wall of the square. The enactment of the myth is done by the masked dancers and exquisite dances are performed.

The Second day Activity of Tiji Festival

The second day of Tiji Festival is equally enjoyable as day one, where many people gather along with the king of Mustang wearing traditional dress and have a magnificent feast.

The Third day Activity of Tiji Festival

The third day of Tiji Festival marks the end of the festival with the ceremonial destruction of the remains of the demon. Sounds of cheers are heard as the people burn down the replica of the demon constructed by them.

Price Includes

  • ACAP Permit
  • Access Flights (Both-Ways)
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Equipment
  • Guide's Salary
  • Guide's Transport
  • Meals
  • MRAP Permit
  • Porter's Insurance
  • Public Bus

Price Excludes

  • Access Flights (One-Way)
  • Four Porters
  • Guide’s Accommodation
  • Guide’s Insurance
  • Guide’s Meals
  • International Flights
  • MCAP Permit
  • One Porter
  • Permit Fees
  • Porter Insurance
  • Private Jeep
  • Private Taxi
  • Public Jeep
  • Three Porters
  • TIMS Card
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Two Porters
  • Visa Fee

Group Rates

Group size Per-person
1 person $2216 USD
2 people $2216 USD
3 people $1995 USD
4 people $1850 USD
5 people $1775 USD
6 people $1660 USD
7 people $1600 USD
8 people $1550 USD
9 people $1475 USD
10 people $1385 USD
11 people $1295 USD


Day Destination Duration Altitude
Day 1 Kathmandu Rest Day 1350m
Day 2 Sighseeing in Kathmandu 5 hours 1350m
Day 3 Pokhara 6 hours 930m
Day 4 Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni 3 hours 2870m
Day 5 Chele 6 hours 3050m
Day 6 Gheling 6 hours 3806m
Day 7 Charang 6 hours 3500m
Day 8 Lo-mangthang 5 hours 3800m
Day 9 Tiji Festival opening ceremony 3800m
Day 10 Tiji Festival 2nd Day Ceremony 3800m
Day 11 Tiji Festival closing ceremony 3800m
Day 12 Ghami 6 hours 3520m
Day 13 Samar 6 hours 3150m
Day 14 Kagbeni 6 hours 2870m
Day 15 Jomsom 3 hours 2800m
Day 16 Pokhara 930m
Day 17 Kathmandu 1 hour 1350m
Day 18 Free day in Kathmandu
Day 19 Final Departure


  1. Jeff

    Arriving Kathmandu 26/04 depart 2/06
    Trip is based around the Tiji Festival
    Very interested

    • Hi Jeff, Not sure if your plans have changed now, but I can check if this trek is still happening given the current circumstances.

  2. benjamin

    Currently in Pokhara I am ready to go!

    • Hi Ben, are you set to go for this trek?

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