Upper Mustang Tea House Trek

With Chandra Gurung

$2300 $1950 USD
per person
Duration 14 days
Max. Altitude3950m
Difficulty Moderate
Cancellation Flexible

Your Guide

My name is Chandra Gurung, a government registered professional trekking guide. I have been working in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal since 2001.

After working many years in the tourism industry with many clients from different countries, I have collected vast experience in destination of Nepal trekking. So, now I'm working as a freelance, independent trekking guide in Nepal and speak fluent English language.

Guiding in the Himalayas is natural for me because I am adjusted to the altitude. Educated Trekking Guide, I completed a university degree (Master) in the subject of demography and a Bachelor of Travel and Tourism degree too. I also have achieved a trekking guide certificate from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation Government of Nepal.

Guiding license #: 3844
Guides for: Agency Employed
Guiding Experience: 14 years
Nationality: Nepal
Speaks: English, Hindi, Nepali, Gurung
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Upper Mustang is the desert that seeks its own importance and the unique discovery of this place makes it really different from other parts of Nepal.

Located to the North of the country connect with Tibet, Upper Mustang Tea House Trek is one part of the Himalayan but falling under the rain shade area.

Lo Manthang served as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mustang, which survives as the Kingdom of Lo or “Upper Mustang” the northern two-thirds of the present-day Mustang District. Lo Manthang was founded in 1380 by Ame Pal, who oversaw construction of the city wall and many of the still-standing structures in the early 15th century. The monarchy officially ceased to exist on October 7, 2008 by Nepali Government order. The last king is Jigme Palbar Bista in the direct line of the historic monarchy dating back 25 generations to 1380.

The population includes ethnic Lhobas and to go this place we need special permit due to restricted area.

Price Includes

  • Access Flights (Both-Ways)
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Equipment
  • Guide's Salary
  • Meals
  • One Porter
  • Public Bus

Price Excludes

  • ACAP Permit
  • Access Flights (One-Way)
  • Four Porters
  • Guide's Transport
  • Guide’s Accommodation
  • Guide’s Insurance
  • Guide’s Meals
  • International Flights
  • MCAP Permit
  • MRAP Permit
  • Permit Fees
  • Porter Insurance
  • Porter's Insurance
  • Private Jeep
  • Private Taxi
  • Public Jeep
  • Three Porters
  • TIMS Card
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Two Porters
  • Visa Fee

Group Rates

Group size Per-person
1 person $2300 USD
2 people $1950 USD
3 people $1930 USD
4 people $1900 USD
5 people $1850 USD
6 people $1800 USD
7 people $1750 USD
8 people $1700 USD
9 people $1650 USD
10 people $1600 USD
11 people $1500 USD


  1. Bharat Karki

    Please contact me if you want to share Mustang permit because I have 1 person.


    • Hello
      I would like doing this trek the 2nd of november for 14days but this price is very expensive !! ..many things are excludes !!
      If another one or two is interresting, contact me (i’m french)

  2. Alexandra

    about who we are we can’t help but be transformed idnttiey is such an empowering (or disabling) force in our lives. To change a quote as a man thinks he is, so he is! The quote from C.S. Lewis this morning by Bill in his message on being empowered by abiding (remaining) in Christ spoke directly to this when Lewis said I will give you a new self instead, in fact I will give you Myself (as close as I can recall). All in Christ are a New Self.After all as branches on the vine aren’t we an organic part of the whole vine we are mysteriously and wondrously one in Christ us in Him, Him in us this analogy is very profound indeed.I believe we need to define ourselves as who we really are in Christ and as we do this, we will think, feel & act more and more like Jesus the family resemblance will be evident for all to see!

  3. Hi Bharat,

    Can I pair up for just the permit? I plan to depart KTM 2 days later than what you specified.

    Please let me know!

  4. We have fixed departure to Upper Mustang Tea House Trek so if you are interested please join with and if you are alone come with us thanks

  5. Miriam

    Hello Chandra,
    I´m interested in joining the tour and would like to learn more about the itinerary. Are permits, flights, meals, accommodation and salary for guide and porter included in the price?
    Thank you very much.
    Regars, Miriam

  6. Hi Chandra,
    I would like to share for Mustang RAP, I am coming KTM on 31st Oct..

  7. Chandra Gurung

    Hello Rahul
    You are well come to visit upper mustang trek

  8. valerie

    I would like doing this trek the 2nd of november for 14days but this price is very expensive !! ..many things are excludes !!
    If another one or two is interresting, contact me (i’m french)

  9. Please contact me, if you want to join same trip from 23rd June 2017

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