Anapurna circuit


I just arrived to Kathmandu, planning to get on Anapurna circuit in the next 2-3 days from Kathmandu.

I have studied up the book guide and I have an itienary in mind but I am flexible. My objectives are to keep the expenses minimal (not at any costs!!) so that means going without the guide and porter but I would be up for taking one if it turns out that my abilities are oveŕrated 🙂 The way I see it is that many people managed it before so why would not I?

I am almost 32 years old and a first timer in many aspects (Nepal, multiple day trip, high altitude) and I havent done any training at all. I am generally better in endurance than high energy sports (always been the slowest in sprint but did well in long distance runs) and I have spent last 5 months in south east Asia so I am sort of used to the climate (at least 😉 ).

Please get in touch if you think likewise, O am crazy enough to try it without a guide but I would not dare to do the circuit on my own…

I have an open return date so can be very flexible 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you and happy to meet in Kathmandu as soon as! 🙂


Czech Republic


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  1. Hi Martina,

    Welcome to Nepal. I am Native but live in London currently here for few projects. Hiking in Nepal always been an obsession I love to travel on own pace enjoying the scenery and the moment specially at the mountains. I am a frequent hiker and cycle around Kathmandu so marginally fit.

    I am looking for partners to join in my treks. I have proper lightening gears so could take own load or can hire a porter en route. I speak Nepalese so it’s convenient for me.

    I do not have specific route planned but am quite flexible. Let me know if you want to meet up in Kathmandu and plan further.