Anna Purna Circuit

Hello there!

I’m an English girl currently living in India for winter but will leave here when it gets too hot (!!), arriving to Kathmandu on April 5th. I’ll take a flight the next day if I can straight to Pokhara.

I’m hoping to start the Anna Purna Circuit a few days after I arrive in Pokhara (time to get the permits etc)… setting off around 8th April from Besisahar (the start of the trek). I will do this independently (no guide, no porter). I’ve trekked Anna Purna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp (+Gokyo Ri) independently in the past so I’d say I’m a fairly experienced trekker. I did Everest Base Camp with a bunch of people I met on this site and we had the most amazing time together…!

I’m quite athletic and I walk quite fast even though I have little legs, so it would be better for me to be in a big group where we can walk at our own pace and then meet up at the end of the day or to walk with faster people so I don’t annoy people by charging off or get frustrated with people taking their time 😉

I have no idea how long the trek should take and I’m not in a rush to finish it (I just naturally walk fast), and I’d even be happy to spend the odd day here and there just chilling out at a particularly beautiful location if that happened. I would like to take the 3 day detour from Manang to Tilicho Lake as well if possible.

Hope to hear from you if you’d like to be trekking partners! I’m easygoing, open-minded and love the great outdoors.

Let me know if you have any suggestions – my plans can be a bit flexible!



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  1. Hello, I’m also planning to do the ABC or base camp trek from April 6-9th start date. I have a month in Nepal so time is not a issue. I’m doing it solo and it will be my first time trekking in Nepal. Let me know if we can meet up and trek together.

    • Hey there – sounds possible, yes! I’m definitely doing the Anna Purna Circuit as I have already done the AnnaPurna Base Camp trek a few years ago. I’m a writer so I will be writing in between walking, and spending a few days at particularly beautiful places writing. Would this be ok? I’d also be happy to split up and meet later down the path if you wanted to go ahead. Also possible. Do you have Facebook or some way for me to find out more about you? Get to know you? Send me a message and let me know about you so we can see if this could work easily and happily! 🙂

  2. Hi Gems , May i know the total cost of the trip ? I will be trekking in Uttarakhand during april. if this trip is budget one then i might consider this.


    • Hey Gokul,

      I don’t know how much the trip will cost in total but what I do that is that I can only afford it if it’s super duper budget. Of course I have no porters or guide, and only really eat noodles and dal bhat during the trip 😉 I can’t afford to spend much at all, so yeah, it’s gonna be outrageously budget for me at least!
      Welcome to join…

  3. Hi Gems ,
    Thank you for your reply.
    At last ,found a positive message on planning the trip. Let me check with transit to Kathmandu and update you.

    When are you reaching to Kathmandu ?

    Thank you so much,

    • I arrive to KTM on April 5th, spending a day there getting my permits etc. Then I must fly to Pokhara to leave my bags there, hopefully on 6th or 7th April realistically. I’ll then catch the bus to Besisahar to start the trek around 8th April is the earliest I think I can do it if everything goes to plan! I *must* be back in KTM on 3rd May absolute latest. What about you?

  4. Hey,
    I am also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit this year in April. I have a decent experience in trekking and plan to start the trek in 1st week of April. this is my first time in Nepal and will be doing it solo. Tell me if you want to meet up

    • Hi Yasha,
      Hope you doing well. You’re welcome to join the trek with us.

      Did you booked the tickets ?
      how are you going to handle issues like bringing cash , trekking equipment to Nepal. Please assist me if you already met with the possible solutions.


    • Hi Yasha,
      Yes, we are hoping to leave from Besisahar for the trek around April 8th – would this work for you too?
      We would be happy for you to join us!
      Let me know if you are interested 🙂

  5. Hi Gems,

    In couple of days , I will confirm about my arrival date . Anyhow I should catch up on same data as you to begin the trek.

    It seems I may be allowed to bring upto USD 330 . Except my flights tickets I should bring all the trekking equipment from India itself. It’s going to be my first Nepal trip. Lots of questions.

    I hope you too travelled from India to Nepal , how did you handled all these ad-hoc things of cross county travel ?

    If you have time , please advice.

  6. Hi,

    Im a solo traveler arriving in Kathmandu om 9th and planning to do part of the circuit. Would be nice to join some nice people. As I am a bit short of time I was thinking to star the hike from Chame or something like that. Expect to be in Chame on 10th afternoon. Could meet you guys up there if you are a group and want some additional company? When do you expect to start hiking? Ive done some hiking in Himalaya before so should be able to keep a good pace with you guys.


    • Hi Vlad,
      Thanks for your message! We will leave from Besisahar on 8th April all being well. Therefore we won’t be at Chame by 10th April as that seems to be a place around day 5 of walking (so we would arrive there around 13th perhaps). Of course we don’t know exactly when we will be there, we haven’t made any day-to-day plans like that for the trek….
      Let me know your thoughts 🙂

  7. Yeah. It would probably take you 4 days to chame I guess. Are you planning to hike the NATT or original route?

    Do you have any estimation on when you will hike over the pass and be in muktinath? Asking since I need to be there around 17th-18th I guess. How many ppl in the group now?

    / Vlad

    • Hi Vlad,
      Very unlikely we’ll be in Muktinath by 17th/18th I’m afraid as we’re planning to do the Tilicho Lake 3 day hike from Manang.
      If I have time I’d like to walk the NATT route, I’m just researching it now. Otherwise I will take the bus from Jomsom down and walk from Tatopani to Ghorepani/Poon Hill etc.
      Does this fit with your plans at all?
      Best wishes

  8. Hey there, thanks for the reply.

    I have to be back to KTH on afternoon the 22nd latest, to catch an early morning flight 23rd. Based on that I think that my plans are a bit rushed compared to yours. Lets see when we get closer to April but I think it will be difficult to join you guys considering that you have plenty more time and plan to do some side-trips.


  9. Hey! If there are still spaces I would love to join you guys. Was looking at the Manaslu Circuit, but cost restraints mean it unfortunately isn’t really feasible. I have most experience climbing/mountaineering so am competent with a map etc. but have not done much trekking, but am more than happy to catch up later in the day if i’m a bit slower! Let me know.

    • Sure thing Kitty!

      I’m just sending you a email now! 🙂

  10. Finally found you Gems,
    I am also looking to do ABC on the second week of April. I am from Nepal, so I can be the default translator for the team . Good to know that the plan is to do a budget trip. It will be good if we can work out a rough itinerary . Looking forward to meeting you fantastic trip partners out there. FYI, I have done half the ABC few years back.

  11. Forgot to ask if there is space for one?

    • Hey Ganesh,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to you – I was trying to email you but it kept bouncing back?
      Yes, sure you can join us. Please can you email me your actual email address so I can send you details of the itinerary and more information.

  12. Hey Gems, I’m in Pokhara right now and i’ve been thinking of doing the annapurna circuit trek. I can def do April 8th. Can you send me the itinerary and where to meet u and such ? Thanks!

  13. Hi guys,
    Im Erez, i got a flight to Nepal arriving at the 8th to april, and im really thrilled to go on some treks =]
    Im 24, male, from Israel, and its my first time going on something at this scale.
    Was wondering if you have slot for one more member?

  14. Hi Gems and all. I am in Pokhara. Just finished Manaslu and Tsum. Looking to do AC. I particularly want to go back to Tilicho lake.

    Would advise getting transport to Chamje or Tal as first bit from Besisahar isn’t very pretty with road and hydro dam construction. I just came down it last week as the finish to Manaslu.

    Anyway, please keep me updated if you have space.

    Regards, Tim.

  15. Hiya Gem,
    I’m currently in Kathmandu and want to trek the Annapurna circuit starting 8th/9th/10th April from Besi Sahar. I was going to allow 21 days so time to acclimatise in Manang and do an extra walk.

    I have a good level of fitness, I run back in UK and have done trekking in Europe up to 4000m. I’ve been in India for 2 months so probably not as fit as I was! But reckon general level of fitness and stamina will be sufficient.

    Not on Facebook but I’m on what’s app 0447738587440 and you can email me. Not sure if this site shares emails addresses? If not, message me and I can send it to you. Hard to sum yourself up in a few words but I’m into yoga, meditation, art and being in nature.
    Currently staying just outside city centre in Boudha (Bodhnath). Happy to meet for a coffee in Kathmandu or Pokara 🙂 Anna

    • Hi anna… I am looking forward to go for a small trek here india.. I am based in delhi and live here… I am totally new to trekking but want to start it and grow it as a passion in the years ahead.. Reason to write to u is to seek guidance as to how to start it as a hobby and where should i head first…

  16. Hi all,
    Im coming to KTH on the 9th and leaving for Chamje/Synange on the 10th, plan to start the route from there. Plan to be in Manang on the 14th, crossing Thorong La on the 20th after a side-trip to Tilicho. Would be nice to meet up with some of you guys along the trail if you have similar plans.