Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I’ve been saving up for this trip for 2 years already and this trip will be my graduation gift to myself. Haha! Honestly I can’t contain my excitement any longer.

Just so you know I will be trekking leisurely as my fitness level is pretty moderate. As I trek, I plan to learn as much as possible on the culture in Nepal. Will be visiting tea houses along the trek as well, to get to know the people. So anyone who wants to do the same it will be absolutely great to have you guys on board 🙂



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  1. Hi Teeba,

    I’m going to Nepal at the same time and will be doing the ABC trek on my own too, so I’d be happy to meet up once out there. 🙂

  2. That will be so great! When exactly will you be arriving there ?

  3. Brp hari durasinya ? Pokhara-abc-pokhara?

    • Kemungkinan dalam 10 hari pak.

  4. Hi Teeba!
    Me and my boyfriend Måns will be in Kathmandu for a week and then we’ll be starting our ABC-trekk on the 8th of October. I don’t know how set your dates are but if you want to join us you’d be more than welcome!

    • See below 🙂

    • Hi there Juliette ! That will be amazing! I can leave on the 8th too 🙂 Ill be arriving at Kathmandu on the 5th of october. Is there a way I can contact you ?

  5. Hi Teeba and Juliette! My friend and I are planning to get to Pokhara on the 7th and then start off on the 8th (hopefully we make it through the holiday traffic). We need to be back in Kathmandu by the 18th. We are looking for hiking buddies and would love to join! Can you give some more details of your trek, like, are you planning to hire a guide, etc? 🙂

    • Hi Jessie ! Will love to hike with you 🙂 This is going to be fun I know. Is there a way I can contact you ?

    • Namaste and Greeting from Nepal! i am a trekking guide and manager we do have arrange everything in well, i hope you guys all have a safe trip here. i wish i could help you here during the your time in Nepal, Thank you and hope to see you soon,