Annapurna Base Camp Trek

First – timer trekking in Nepal. Looking for trekking buddies that have similar schedules during Xmas time on ABC trek. Hopefully to finish it in 9 days (arriving in Kathmandu on 25th, Dec and leaving on the 2nd, Jan). I am flexible on the budget as long as it is reasonable. I did various types of hiking with distances from 5km to 40km, most of them were day trips in both Hong Kong and the States. Would love to have some company in Nepal. I am in pretty good shape physically so will be walking steady pace. Possibly am going to hire a porter.



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  1. Hi Helen…..

    I am interested but I have never done any kind of trekking before and no experience at all about how trekking would be like. So how could you help me ?

  2. Hey Helen, Louis from Singapore here, hoping to travel to Nepal also in December too, and also first time in Nepal 🙂 Looking forward to your reply!

  3. Hi Helen,

    I’ll be in Nepal volunteering untill the 17th of december and wanted to do a trek after that during christmas and/or New years before heading to the philippines. Its my first time even leaving Europe and trekking but i’m very optimistic and i have a good condition of health! hoping for your reply.

    GREETINGS from Belgium

  4. Hi I’m thinking of trekking ABC independently on December 28-January 6 (10 days or less). Looking for like-minded individuals to go with. First timer in Nepal too and hoping to spend the new year trekking! 🙂

  5. Did you form your group?

  6. Hey Helen !
    I am from India, right now I’m in kathmandu
    On 25th of December , I am leaving for ABC from pokhara.
    I agree with your itinerary.
    Would you like to join ?