Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hey everyone,

I’m planning to do a Annapurna Basecamp Trek in eary November probably starting on the 4.11.2017 not a fixed datethough.
I am currently doing a volunteer project in Kathmandu and finish on the 28th of October. I am looking for people who like to join me on this Trek.
I would like to organise a guide and we could share the coasts then.
My plan is to travel from Kathmandu by bus and then start the trek from Pokhara

A bit about myself : I am 18 years old and I am half German half Australian, sothat I am fluent in both of these languages. I also speak French quite well.
I like good conversations and getting to know knew people from all over the globe. We could spend the evenings together and enjoy a great trekking trip !!



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  1. Hi Lisha,

    4th would be too early. I am planning to start it on 22nd November

  2. Hey Lisha,
    m not sure much about my exact dates but i want to do ABC trek between 25 oct to nov end. let me know if your dates are fixed and further plans.

    • Yes, my dates are pretty fixed as I am still volunteering till beginning of november

  3. Hi Lisha,
    Any confirmation on your dates?. Would be interested in sharing a guide, would also like a porter. Plan on doing a further trek from Pokhara as well.

  4. Hi Lisha!

    I’m pretty interested by you message. I’m also volunteering in Kathmandu. I’m not very sure about the date, but I planned to do ABC trek in early November.

    A friend of mine of the school found me a guide/porter. It’s a friend of him. Feel free to ask me any question if you are interested

    • Hi Paola,
      I have teamed up with another guy from germany and we are starting our Annapurna Circuit Trek on the 4.11.2017. However, we wanted to do it without a guide/porter. We haven’t made fixed day trips either yet but we are pretty free and want to take the time to enjoy the trek and not hurry through …

      Contact me for questions and futher information

  5. Hi,
    So do you know a little bit more about your trek? When plan you to go back to Kathmandu? Because I wanted to booked a fly on the 24th..
    Thank you, have a nice day!