Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Two female friends from Czech and Nepal are planning to do the ABC trek of a duration of (7-9 days) arriving to Nepal from 23rd February -12th March. We want to do the ABC/Annapurna base camp trek and would love to have more people to join us. We are both nature loving and would love to meet new people also make the trek more feasible 🙂 “the more the merrier”. We do not want to join an organised tour would rather hire a guide/porter when we arrive but we’re happy to carry our own gear and really open to any sort of standard of accommodation.

Irena& Sarmila

Czech Republic


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  1. Hi Irena.I am also planning to do the abc trek around the same time.i might be with other friends or by myself.i am flexible with the itinerary plans.
    Will just go with the flow.

    • Hi Suraj,
      What is your plan in terms of routes to the ABC? Do you already have a guide/porter as we haven’t got in touch yet as we are planning to arrange it when we get to Nepal but if you already have quotations then would be easier 🙂


  2. Hello Irena

    Good to hear from you.My trekking plan is as such:
    1.Nayapul to Ghandruk
    2.Ghandruk to chomrong
    3.chomrong to bamboo
    4.bamboo to deurali
    5.deurali to abc to dovan
    7. Dovan to landruk
    8.landruk to phedi and pokhara
    However I am flexible with the routes it’s just that I am not in too much rush.wanna take it nice and slow.well I have talked with a guide and he is going with me or we can arrange once we get to pokhara.the guide cost around $20 per day.the tentative cost of the trek should not be more than $ 350 But again it depends how we go with the trek.If there is anything pls what’s app me 009779841446020.
    Take care

  3. Hi Suraj,
    The route is similar what we have planned. Just wanted to clarify is the cost per person or per group? Are you in Nepal atm? I read that hiring a guide from Pokhara would be cheaper than KTM. Will it just be yourself or more people as we want to share the cost but not necessarily be in a big group 🙂 Sorry with all the questions but do you know what the weather should be like in end of Feb?


  4. Hey…no worries.yes, I am from Nepal.the tentative cost per person is $350 for the trek.the guide cost $20 per day.yes we can share the cost where it is can get the required documents for the trek in can have a day in pokhara to finalise the documents and last minute arrangement.we can talk later if you want you have my what’s app no.
    I will have one more friend or just myself and a guide.i don’t like to be in a big group.
    Less is more

  5. I think the weather will be warmer in a should be around 20 to 5 degree will be cold in the morning and evening so we need some warm clothes but we will manage.

  6. Hi Irena
    Any new updates about the trek?

  7. Hi Suraj,
    Sorry no new updates. We are still researching as you said 350 USD pp what is included in this? Does this include the permits and guide cost?

  8. Hey Irena

    All the cost including guide permit and car pick up drop would not be more than $400 per person.however it seems I might start the trek around Feb 15 due to my time schedule.goodluck with the trek.
    If there’s anything let me know.

  9. Hi Suraj,
    No worries Good luck with your trek 🙂

  10. Hey irena, I was thinking of doing same trek between 24-26th february, I am a bit lost on this. You still guys up for it?

  11. hello irena ,
    i am a medical student from india ,does your plan still hold good ?