Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Arriving in Kathmandu Dec 24 or 25, then plan to head to pokhara first thing. Start date for ABC trek is 25 or 26 Dec. Unfortunately, I don’t have much flexibility on my dates. Arriving in Kathmandu on 24-Dec and flying out 2-Jan. Average pace hiker. it’s my first trek in Nepal, so I was planning doing it in 10 days. I’m fine to go independently without guide/porter but if several people are interested then happy to share the cost.Hoping to spend max of $25/day via teahouse trekking, I would really enjoy some company!



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  1. Hi Amizam,

    I just found out that you are planning on a trip to the ABC trek to0. We have similar schedules so I was wondering if you are interested in teaming up.

    This is also my first time in Nepal and alone. I currently live in Hong Kong. I train myself in various sports such as long distance running/hiking, swimming, etc.. My fitness level is above average. Since it is the first time so I guess it’ll be great to have a company. Let me know what you think.


    • Hai Helen

      Sorry for late reply. Its a great idea to go together and this is my fist time also trekking to Nepal. There is another guy want to join us on the same date. I been contact a local guider to help up during the trekking with cost of 400 usd each which include most of the fee, transportation and accommodation. If you interested leave your email i will send you the details of itinerary and the costing

      Best regards

  2. Hi,
    Im interested with your plan.Btw,im from malaysia too.Currently studying at Tokyo,Japan.Love adventure and average pace hiker.
    Do let me know of your detail plan.

    • Hai Amirul

      Thanks for contacting me. I had contacted a local guider to help us during the trekking with cost of 400 usd each which include most of the fee, transportation and accommodation. If you interested leave your email i will send you the details of itinerary and the costing

      Best regards

  3. Hi Amizam,
    Thanks in advance for the itinerary.
    Do feel please to contact me via email at

    • Amirul can you tell me your email. Have you book your ticket to Kathmandu?

  4. Hi there! I’ll be in Nepal volunteering untill the 17th of december and wanted to do a trek after that during christmas and/or New years. Its my first time even leaving Europe and trekking but i’m very optimistic and i have a good condition of health! hoping for your reply


    • Hai Lucy
      I will be in Kathmandu on 24 December and going to leave to Pokhara on that night. I already have two trekkers that will join me to ABC. You’re so welcome to join us on board. I already contacting a local guider which have good experience trekking to ABC. If you don’t mind give your email and i will send the itinerary and the cost.


  5. Hi guys! I arrive in Kathmandu on 21st Dec and was planning to hit Pokhara 23rd morning so I spend my Christmas there and trek during New Years or I am back in Pokhara for NYE. 🙂 I am currently in the Philippines and have done decent amount of physical activity plus generally active, however I am very new to trekking at this altitude. Would love to see your itinerary and ask if I can join!

    • Dear Maja

      Thank You for contacting to join us to trek to ABC currently there 4 all man from Malaysia going to ABC this December. We will arrived in Kathmandu on 24 December and plan to start to hike from Pokhara on 26 December. Here is our itinerary for your reference please contact me if you interested to enjoy the happiness to ABC :p
      24-Dis-16 KUL – KTM – PKR
      From KTM airport, take taxi to either
      i) Microbus – at Kalanki Chowk, before 5pm
      ii) Local bus – at Gongabu New Bus Station, before 7pm
      If by microbus, will arrive in Pokhara by midnight then take taxi to check in at
      Hotel Mountain View
      If by local bus, will arrive at 6am tomorrow morning.

      25-Dis-16 Pokhara
      Arrive in Pokhara, then
      i) Breakfast
      ii) Looking for down jacket and sleeping bag rental (or buy other gears as well)
      iii) Visit Nepal Tourist Polist & Tourist Permit Office for TIMS Card & ACAP Permit
      iv) Hunt for guide and porter.
      v) Sight seeing in Pokhara
      vi) Packing for unneeded items during the trekking to store in Pokhara.
      vii) Nepali SIM Card
      viii) Wait for Amirul to arrive in Pokhara.

      26-Dis-16 Pokhara – Nayapul – Ghandruk
      Check out and head out to bus station to take the Baglung Beni bus and drop off at Nayapul.
      From Nayapul, start trekking to Ghandruk (6hrs)
      Rest and sleep.

      27-Dis-16 Ghandruk – Chomrong – Lower Sinuwa (9hrs)
      Starts early.
      If it is still early when arrived in Lower Sinuwa, can head straight to Upper Sinuwa.
      if not, then rest and sleep at Lower Sinuwa.

      28-Dis-16 Lower Sinuwa – Upper Sinuwa – Bamboo – Dovan – Himalaya – Deurali (9hrs)
      Thousands step of stairs to arrive in Deurali.
      Rest and Sleep.

      29-Dis-16 Deurali – Machapuchare Base Camp – Annapurna Base Camp (4hrs)
      Slow and easy to ABC.
      Rest and sleep.

      30-Dis-16 ABC – MBC – Deurali – Himalaya – Dovan – Bamboo – Upper Sinuwa – Lower Sinuwa
      If arrived in Lower Sinuwa early, then proceed to Chomrong (2hrs) as its an easy trail.
      Rest and sleep.

      31-Dis-16 Lower Sinuwa – Chomrong – Jinhu – New Bridge – Kyumi – Sewee – Nayapul – Pokhara
      Stop in Jhinu if decided to soak in hot pools.
      Otherwise, travel back to Pokhara and check in at Hotel Mountain View
      If we are lucky, we get the bus from Sewee to Pokhara, otherwise need to take taxi and bus.
      Rest and sleep.

      01-Jan-17 Pokhara – Kathmandu
      Check out and walk/taxi to Srijana Chowk for microbus to Kathmandu. Once in one hour.
      Arrive in Kathmandu and check in at Andes House.

      02-Jan-17 Kathmandu
      Free and easy.

      03-Jan-17 Kathmandu – KUL
      9.30 am taxi to airport for 1220hrs flight.
      7.30pm arrive in KUL.
      Uber back to home

  6. Guys , it’s Sambit from India.
    Right now I’m in Kathmandu.
    I have trekked several destinations of Himalayas in Nepal as well as in India.
    This time planning for Annapurna Base Camp trek alone.
    I would start up from Kathmandu on 25th December.
    Can I join you guys from Ghandruk on 26th of December ?
    I agree with the itinerary you provided.
    I have got hotel rates and phone numbers.
    Moreover , I have surfed the whole map, routes, destinations and everything from the internet and consulted with experienced guides and visitors also.
    Even I can understand and speak the Nepali language.
    My age : 23, Nationality : Indian. Languages I speak : English, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali
    One more thing I need to do, is make a documentary video of the trip with my Nikon D5200.
    If you guys are interested to include me in the trip.
    Please let me know via e-mail.