Annapurna Circuit

Hello there!

We are planning to do the Annapurna Circuit leaving no later than 8th October, now looking like 7th Oct. and taking 16 days to complete the route.
We are planning a side trip to Lake Tilicho from Manang.
Day 1 we will try to get to Chame in one day from Kathmandu.
We will have 1 day acclimatisation in Manang.
From Manang we will do the 2 night / 3 day side trip to Lake Tilicho
Then we will resume the Annapurna Circuit going over Thorung La Pass.
The trip will end in Pokhara.

We will hire a guide / porter (one person who combines the roles). The porter will carry my kit (the other two are carrying their own) and he will guide and advise on the route. The cost is $18 per day which will be split between us, but of course I will pay more as he is carrying my load! Of course if you want a porter then it is easy to arrange through the porter / guide contact I have.

Tea house accommodation and food will be found enroute and will be paid for as we go.

I will be travelling through SE Asia prior to the trip so will respond as soon as possible to any inquiries but it may take a few days more.

The other two in the group are Zima (24), currently studying / working abroad and from Kathmandu and then Jan (24), who is from Germany and is currently working / studying in Madrid. A great combination!

If you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss your plans and firm up the details.


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  1. Hi Janet, I am Gloria. I would like to ask how much is it each for us to share the guide. And would you take one more person?

  2. Hi Gloria
    The cost of the guide hadn’t been confirmed yet. I am waiting for the final invoice from
    The company.
    Could you tell me s bit about yourself?
    I’m on a yoga retreat for the next few days so may not reply immediately!

    • Hi Janet , I am a professional Chef. I enjoying outdoors and would like to joining you guys if the time is allow. I arrive in kathmadue on Oct 6 th. Let me know of we can meet up there .

    • Hi Gloria
      Thanks for your reply.

      We are now a group of 4 and are keen to keep it to a small group, so I’m afraid we will not be accepting anyone else.

      I you might want to post your trip plans. I found once I posted my own trip I had much more luck it getting a group together.

      Best wishes in your travels


  3. Hi all, I just returned from ABC so if you want to trek cheapest and the best, just shoot an email to me. I will provide you with the best guide at affordable prices.

  4. Hi Janet, I’d luv to join you guys. What do I need to do?

  5. Hey Janet, your trip sounds fun. I’m in Nepal for three months and currently volunteering at an orphanage outside Kathmandu but back to the city around 29th September and was going to head over to Pokhara and do the ACT some time early October. Dates and duration are flexible as don’t fly home until mid December.

    How big are you looking to grow your group to? I’ll be looking to take a porter as I have a fair bit of camera kit that I’ll carry along with some day stuff and the porter will take the rest.

    Did Everest Base Camp a few years ago so I’ve got some experience 🙂

    • Hi Neil
      I’ve sent you a message to your email address.

      Could you confirm you’ve got it and see what you think?
      We’d love you to join us.


  6. Hi there, anyone will be in kathmadue in the early Oct? I am trekking the Annapurna circuit alone, I would like to have some company. If anyone is interested please massage me.

    • Hi Gloria
      We are now a group of 3.
      If you would like to join us that would be great.
      If you are interested email me on to discuss costs. We are doing this independently but have a guy in Kathmandu coordinating everything,

      If you’ve found a group to suit, maybe see you on the trail.

      Best wishes


  7. Hi Janet I just send you a email, let me know if you get it.