Annapurna Circuit Trek

Going with Mountain Ram Adventures and hiking the circuit.



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  1. hi i am interested,

  2. I am also interested.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I only just received notification. The date is a fixed date and we’re going for 19 days. Message me if you would like more information!

  4. Brianna I have posted the Facebook event page here. It has much more information.

  5. i visited the event page on facebook and i’m interested.
    i will need about one /two weeks to confirm for the trek . bye bye. i’ll write in this page and on fb.

  6. I am interested on going on this trek.

    • Hey Pujan, the details are available in the Facebook event page list!

  7. Hi Peggy,

    I am interested in doing the Annapurna circuit on the 19th of Feb. I’ve seen the fb page and it looks great! Just one question, I was keen to do the full trek, do you know if this trip is the full trek or is the drive to pokhara added in to make the trip shorter?

    • It looks like we’re take a bus from Nayapul to Pokhara on the 17th day. We could always all discuss the details more as a group too and see what the group thinks. As long as there is time I’m pretty much game for anything.

    • Oh and I would suggest maybe leaving a comment on the FB event page and see what Ram says about maybe changing it so that we do walk it instead of bus it.

    • Oh yeah. I would like to trek this day instade of bus. Say to Ram

  8. Hi Peggy, are there still spaces in the group? Also what is the booking process? I went on the mountain ram website through the fb link, but it came up with a different itinery.

    • Hey Lisa,
      The itinerary is pretty much the one on the facebook event. There is still room. I recommend messaging Ram using this email and they will send you all the details for the trek and the booking process. Let me know if you need anything else and I hope to see you there!!!


  9. Thanks for all the information. Ive booked on for the trip, so see you on the 19th! 🙂