Annapurna Circuit Trek

Arrive KTM 17/3/2016. To Besi Sahar 19th March. I’m going home on 2/4/2016 so allowing max 14 days for this trek,which is plenty. I was on this trek in April 2015 and stopped at Manang when earthquake struck, I should have continued but couldn’t get clear information about what lay ahead. Anyway this trip I plan to take jeep up to Chamje or maybe further, maybe Tal. I know jeep goes to Chame but I’d prefer to walk to acclimatise. I’m looking for partners to share trip from KTM to Chamje. I did Ktm to Ngadi last trip by local bus, which was cheap but uncomfortable, with lot of time hanging around. I think taxi from Ktm to Besi Sahar costs around €80 which wouldn’t be too bad if shared. I prefer to walk solo, but am happy to share logistics. There is no need for guide on this trek or booking teahouses in advance. I’d hope to make it to Ice Lake this time, but would really love to hit Tilicho Lake.



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  1. Hello Ciaran!

    I have the same plan as you, and I also prefer walk solo. We can arrange to share the taxi if the coast is around €80. Do you know more or less how much is the Jeep from Besisahar to Chanje?

    I’m looking forward your reply!

    • Hi Vinicius,

      It would be great to share taxi. I don’t know how much jeep costs. I think it depends on how many passengers are travelling. I think they were charging up to €20 from Chame to Besi Sahar after the earthquake, but I think it should be cheaper than that. PM me and we can arrange to meet in Ktm.

  2. Hi Ciaran!
    Do you still need someone to share transportation to get to the Annapurna Circuit Trek? I will also start the trek on the 19th, so I would be happy to join. I arrive in Kath on the 17th.
    Looking forward to your reply,

  3. Hi Pierre Yves, I’ve replied to you by email and hopefully there will be three of us travelling to Besi Sahar on 19th. We’ll arrange to meet and organise things on 18th.