Annapurna Circuit Trek

Will be in KTM from the 4/5th Dec (post EBC trek) and keen to do AC via Tilcho lakes – after a few days rest of course! Duration is just an estimate at this stage. If we keep up a good pace and can squeeze in Annapurna Base Camp, I am open to having a little detour.

Flexible with dates +/- 2 days – as long as I’m back in KTM by 28th Dec as my flight is on the 30th.

Would definitely love some company, so lets end 2016 together! 🙂


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  1. Hi Cathy, how are you? I’m going to Nepal on 25th November with my partner and we would love to do some trekking, we still haven’t decided the exact days for this but I could be nice if we could share a trekk.

    • Hi Cristuky, just sent you a message!

  2. Hi Cathy

    I’m not sure if you want travel with an old fart, but…
    My name is Gregg Kimber and I live in Bellingham, WA. I’m semi-retired and have a flexible schedule. I was planning to hike with a friend (Annapurna/Upper Mustang) from Bellingham, but that looks like it might fall through. It’ll be my first time in the area (my friend has been 3 times) so I thought I’d put out a feeler to like minded trekkers. I haven’t bought tickets, so can plan according to your schedule.

    I backpack all over the Western USA and am comfortable with 15 miles a day. I hiked the JMT last summer in 18 days (with lots of side trips). I am fine at 14,000’+ , so I assume I’ll be able to acclimate to 18.000′. I’m happy hiking at any speed. I would prefer not to have a porter or guide (work it out as we go), but no big deal.
    Take Care