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I am trekking the Annapurna Circuit starting October the 21th to November the 08th. this year. I already have a guide/porter (hence why I know the dates), but I would love to have someone to join me 🙂

My name is Elin, I am 26 years old, comes from Norway, but have lived in Denmark the last five years while I have completed my master degree in Digital Design and Communication. I view myself as open-minded and social, but I have also a need to give myself challenges as I want to grow and learn alot from life. So far I have not traveled as much as I would like, but I’ve taken the transsiberian railroad, and I have visited these countries among others (China, Thailand, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Morroco, Portugal, Hungary). Next to this I am a very actice person who loves sports (climbing, surfing, biking, horseback riding), nature, animals, design, culture, festivals, music and performances – but I also follow everyday news, political topics and debates.

This trek is something I really look forward to, and I do think it would be even better if someone joined me for conversations and just enjoying the views and wonders along the trek.

As mentioned, a porter/guide is already booked and payed for. I have payed 35 USD a day, I know this is a bit much, but I also know that this guide speaks english, have good working conditions and not forced. It was a decision to give myself some time to not worry about that part as I prepare for my big trip. If you would like to join we can talk about how to split that bill later. 🙂 I am thinking of sleeping at teahouses along the way – trying to keep the cost down, but not on a non-human level as I also want to support the local community and actually be able to sleep.

I am an outgoing, adventureseeking and exploring person who loves nature, photography and new experiences. After Nepal I will travel around in Southeast Asia.

Write if you have any questions! Love to hear from you!


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  1. Hey Elin! I may be able to join you. So, how many people are there in your group? And do you have any experience in trekking? I’ve never done such a long trekking before, so yeah a guide will probably be good for me too!

  2. Hi Elin, I am looking to start the ACT around the same time (arriving in Kathmandu Oct 19). Would be interested in sharing the guide service but I don’t need a porter. Are you leaving from Kathmandu on Oct 21, or actually starting the trek on that day?

  3. I have been so lucky to find the people for the trip so the request is now closed for more people. I hope you all will find other trekking partners!

  4. Do you start at Besi sahar or further uphill?
    I will be starting near that time. Did previously.

  5. Hi Elin, are you still looking for people to join? I am looking to do a similar route and wanted to hire a guide and share cost.
    I am in pokhara at the moment – happy to meet and chat

  6. Hey i m travel photographer from Pokhara, Nepal. And as per my plan i m trying a solo journey to ACT from oct 21 . Would we meet and have have walk toghther ☺
    Contact me at +977-9816678277 anytime

  7. Looking for hangouts after treks in Kathmandu 24-30 th Oct..only women need reply if interested .