Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey team, I’m a kiwi guy looking at hiking Annapurna using the NATT trails as opposed to the road (google them, they look pretty cool). Aiming to head off around the 25th/26th. Totally down to get side tracked as well. I’m aiming not to get a guide or a porter, but definitely do my research.

My name is Jackson, I’m a medical student from NZ. Pretty chill, open and down for a good yarn (or silent contemplation of mountains). I’ve been to SE Asia, North America and Europe – not much trekking, but I’m reasonably fit. Keen to cruise along and enjoy being in such a beautiful country!

A couple of ideas I had were to mountain bike down the road from Muktinath for a bit (maybe to Jomsom), and also I’d be keen to finish via Poon Hill and maybe even do Annapurna Sanctuary if my legs haven’t fallen off yet haha. But very flexible.

Throw some ideas and questions at me!

New Zealand


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  1. Hello Jackson!

    My name is Eric and I am a Canadian trekker who is planning on starting the Annapurna circuit in late November around the 24/25. The circuit would be the last section of a three month continuos trek for me so I will probably be pretty sweaty and gross!

    These NATT trails sound sweet so if you are still looking for a trekking partner I would be happy to trek with you.


  2. Hi Eric!
    Yeah for sure! Wow three months is so epic, I hope that goes well. You’ll probably be way more fit than me by then haha but I’m always on the look out for cool people to walk with/play cards in the evening.
    I’ve been looking into the NATT trails, so I’ll hopefully have the up to date guidebook with me and a map with them on it.

    I’ll flick you my email by message and we can have a chat over the next few days if that’s alright with you.


  3. Hey Jackson,
    My name is Ariana, I’m from Seattle, Washington, USA. I’m trying to go the same dates as you, along without a guide. I’m pretty flexible on the duration of the trip and planning!
    If you’re still looking for a partner I’d love to tag along!

    • Hey Ariana, it’d be great to have you along! Having an extra person so we don’t veer off into Tibet sounds good haha. 😛
      I’ll flick you a message on this and we can swap emails and have a chat if that’s cool with you.