Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey there,

a friend of mine and myself rather spontaniously decided to go to Nepal and our plan is to hike the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The idea is to start on the 21st of October and do the trek from Besisahar – Nayapul (Pokhara) in around ~18 days. We thought about hiring a guide but a friend who did the trip a couple of years ago told us that there isn’t really the need so we are currently leaning towards going by ourselves… or rather with some fellow travelers. 🙂

We are both from Germany, 28/29 years old and while we are experienced travelers/backpackers, we might not be the most practised hikers. So slow and steady is the pace we are aiming for.

Give me a heads up if you might be interested to join us and we can talk about the details. Nothing is set in stone yet. 🙂




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  1. Hello ben, we are a spanish couple aged 30 and 34, we are already in Pokhara, we are looking to start the trekking in about the same date as we are open for dates at the moment, anytime from 18th is good to us, we are not experienced hiker so I think your pace is perfect for us. If you like us to join you please send me your email or some way to contact you.


  2. HI Ben,
    I am looking to depart around the same date and looking to hire a guide for local knowledge and experience. If your interested in combining/ joining, i am currently in pokhara if you would like to meet and chat? thanks Gemma