Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m a Lebanese/American student living in Lebanon and will have a month’s break in July to travel.
I’m keen on doing this trek in spite of it being ”monsoon season” based on this information:

it’s in a My “advice” would also be to do a trek like the Annapurna Circuit as the best section of this is in the Himalayan Rain Shadow and this are gets very little rain even in the middle of the monsoon as it is to the north of the main Himalayan chain and 90% of the rain falls on the southern slopes (Neither EBC, Langtang or ABC treks are in the Himalayan Rain Shadow) Places like Tilicho Lake (Possible side extension of AC from Manang) are Best visited at this time of year – Google Images of Tilicho Lake.
Ok you will get a bit wet on your first few days trekking but once above Pasang the weather will improve, then you have three choices on the Kali Gandaki side from Jomsom, – Fly, Jeep or get wet again and trek.

when it comes to the ITINIRARY: I have no strong preferences. the point is to be with nature and enjoy ourselves fully.. I trek without the incentive of challenge or competition. I trek for joy.
I found this step-by-step post.
it should do fine as a rough approximation of what it might be like. but then again, I am flexible and open to rest days or side treks if needed to recuperate or accommodate to the altitude.

when it comes to LOGISTICS: I have no experience trekking such terrain. I have only been on long hikes, never thru-hiking, although I will be conditioning for this trek until it comes around. that being said, I would like to keep the baggage as minimal as possible. I do like to travel light

when it comes to BUDGET: I am low maintenance and open to whatever is available, as with anything else

PERSONAL information: I like to meet new people and learn about their life and experiences. this however would most likely happen during our down time. I do like to hike in silence and enjoy it with all of my senses. but again, as with all things, I am flexible and I have no rules set in stone

I speak Arabic, French, English and basic Spanish and can accommodate accordingly when it comes to conversation.



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  1. Hi Chantal! I’m an American college student and hoping to do the Annapurna circuit trek in late June/early July. I read through your post and it seems like we would get along well so I’d love to talk more with you and see if we could travel together! I will be ending a study abroad program in India on June 23rd and was planning on flying to Nepal then- are you firm on a July 1st departure date or would you be able to leave a little earlier?

  2. Hi ladies. I’m also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit around this time.

    I will be fully acclimatised, having been in Nepal for a month already, and already experienced Everest base camp. And I am also traveling with a budget in mind; as well as very flexible.

    If you’re ok having a guy along, I’m keen to join others passionate about hiking in the truly great outdoors. I like the idea of trekking for personal enjoyment, then socialising in the down time.

    Whilst this will be my first trip to Nepal, I have completed many thru-hikes, including the length of New Zealand’s North Island. I’m also an ex-Navy medic and remote location first aid instructor, so not a bad person to have along. (All of a sudden, I feel like I’m giving you my resume)! 😀

    Anyway, I’m flexible on dates. My only hard dates are: arrive in Kathmandu on the 29th May, depart 29th July.

    Two friends of mine have told me about Tillicho Lake, and yes….. I would love to take the time do this side trek, but again, am very happy to go with the flow. 🙂