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Hello fellow trekkers! I am planning to travel to Nepal in mid-March to April after finishing my second series of ashtanga teacher training in Rishikesh India. I haven´t yet decided exactly which treks I want to do in Nepal, but I´m considering the Annapurna area, so it will probably be the Annapurna Circuit and/or Annapurna Base Camp. I plan going without a guide and carrying my own stuff and sleeping in teahouses. I also want to take the trek calmly in order to enjoy the experience and the nature and to able to acclimatize. Right now I am looking for someone (or several persons 🙂 ) who want pretty much the same thing. I don´t care which gender, age or nationality you are as long as we are respectful towards each other, other people around us and the nature.

I´m currently living in Sweden and have a government job and teach yoga. I have experience from treks in the Alps and Norway but have never been high on the Himalayas (only on the foothills in India).



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  1. Hi Aila,

    I will be arriving in KTM on 02.03.18 and am planning on the Annapurna Circuit and Base Camp trek, having already been to Nepal 3 years ago for the EBC trek. I would love to join a group are you fixed upon starting your date?

    Kind Regards Dipesh

    • Hello! Thanks for your message! I don´t have a fixed date yet since I will be coming to KTM from India where I plan staying until the end of February. How many weeks do you plan for the trek and do you have a preferred starting point? I haven´t made any fixed plans yet.

  2. Hi Aila,

    Great to hear from you. As i mentioned i will be in KTM on the 02.03.18 and the plan is to make my way to Besisahar by bus the same day which should take 5hrs where the trek can be registered. At Besisahar spend 1 night before starting the trek on 03.03.17. The only issue for me would be having to return to Besisahar from Pokhara where the trek would be ending. As i will be leaving items of clothing that i won’t need during the trek.

    Alternatively head towards Pokhara which will take up to 7hrs by bus or 30 mins by plane. Unfortunately, the bus only leaves in morning at 07.00hrs so would need to spend the night at KTM and leave the following day 03.03.18. While at KTM register the trek, however, i would need to make my way to Besisahar by bus which will take 4hrs.

    It already sounds complicated, lol!! All the itineraries that i have read for the Annapurna circuit trek mention starting from Besisahar, so i would go by that. Although, i have not set out the plans as such i have an idea which includes Tilicho Lake and Annapurna basecamp. It would be would be a missed opportunity not to see the Annapurna range/lake as we would be passing them? At the end of the trek spend a few days in Pokhara. Concerning the the number of weeks, i would suggest around 25days . I will work on my preferred itinerary which and post, however, all of which is subject to change

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi! Thank you for your reply! Your plans sound pretty similar to mine, I also think about flying from Delhi to KTM and then take a bus to Besisahar and leave a bag there and then register and start the trek. From where will you be arriving to KTM?

      The amount of time (25 days) also sounds realistic. I also want to have the time to acclimatize and have a bit of flexibility (for weather or other unexpected things), but trekking about 6-10 h/day should be ok. As I wrote previously I also prefer doing the trek without guide/porter and staying in teahouses. I´m also thinking about combining at least the ABC-trek and maybe also the Tilicho if the path seems ok at that time. I think we should stay in touch and it would be good to have company for the bus from KTM to Besisahar. With kind regards/Aila.

  3. Hi Aila, I will be traveling from London where i live. Lets do keep in touch as it would be great to travel with ilke-minded people. I’m also looking at trekking without a guide/porter and staying teahouses. Would you wish to spend sometime in Pokhara?

    Additionally, I am trying to convince a work colleague to join me and have been in contact with another person on Trekking Partners that his also traveling in the same region.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Hi Aila,

    On a further note. I got carried away last time i went hiking and purchased all types of items that i believed i would need to take. However, they lie untouched as it all boiled down to weight and less is definitely more when it comes to hiking at altitude! Please let me know you need any gear? As i may just have it and no need to take duplicate items

    Kind Regards,