Annapurna Circuit Trek

I plan to go to Nepal around the beginning of April, and would like to do the Annapurna Circuit trek. As I’m young woman traveling alone I’d like to find partners to do this trek!



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  1. I am also planing on doing this trail around the same time from Pokhara. Also alone

    • Hi Anna,

      Please see my reply to Gaëlle below. I’m definitely up for getting a group together to do ACT from Pokhara around the start of April.

      Let me know, thanks,

  2. Also going alone, hoping to put a group together. You guys interested?

    • I’m interested! Just made a post a little while ago.

  3. Also alone! My only problem is that I actually have 11 days and I am not sure if such a number is enough for this trek!

  4. Hi Gaëlle,

    I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 12th March and was planning to take a couple of weeks there and Lumbini before heading over to Pokhara and the ACT (with side trips, probably including ABC) at the very end of March/Start of April.

    Would definitely be interested in getting together in a small group to tea house trek the route.

    Let me know if that’s cool.