Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, I just booked a trip to Nepal in november, and I’m planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit. Would love to find a trekking partner or two!

I’m 28 years old (I’ll turn 29 on the trail, eek!); I’m a USA native but German resident. I’m fit, adventurous, and have some trekking experience, but have never gone more than a few days at a time.
I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on November 19th, and from then I have about 25 days to work with. I’m thinking about starting off around the 21st or 22nd, and want to find a nice moderate pace that doesn’t feel rushed – maybe even throw in a side trip or two if it works.

I’m generally a relaxed person and while hiking I enjoy a nice balance between small-talk, deeper conversations, and silence. In addition to English I would love the opportunity to practice my German or Spanish.

I’m looking for other laid-back trekking partners who are willing to be spontaneous and/or flexible sometimes! I’m sort of up for anything–the only restriction being physical (I do occasionally have some knee issues, which might slow me down a little bit; it’s a bit hard to tell).

As far as guides, I’m open to going with or without. And budget: I would keep as low as possible, but mostly for the fun of it.

Let me know if you’re interested in syncing up!



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  1. Hi Michaela, Maybe an idea to join in our group. We are looking for a female companion in our group. We are leaving on 28/11 for a 14 day trekking. It is possible to skip the last 2 days if you are in a rush to catch your plane. You find our trek and request on 28/11. And we do speak German too! 🙂

  2. Hi Michaela,
    I’ll be getting into KTM a few days after you so my start date would be the 25th but it sounds like your preferences mirror mine (albeit my Spanish is non-existent and my German is limited to what I learnt in Year 9 – I think that’s 8th Grade in US).

    I don’t have as many days as yourself so on my listing for this trek on the 25th I’ve added my rough milestones/plan – if you choose to have a look let me know if it suits what you had in mind – if not I hope you have a great time!

  3. Hey David — sounds like it could work; I’m not dead set on a specific schedule at all. I’ll check out your trip and send you a message

  4. und was ist mit mir 🙂 Michaela

    • Sorry Harry – I forgot to respond to you!! I took a look at your trip already and it looks awsome…I’ll send you a message shortly

  5. Hello Michaela! I´m planning my first trip to Nepal and I’m so excited about it! I didn´t find a trekking partner yet, though. As it will be my first experience in long trekking, It would be wonderful to find a person (or people) to share it with. Looking forward to chat with you:)

  6. Hi! I’m looking to do the circuit around the same time as you. I think we have a similar idea of flexibility and slow pace to enjoy the experience . I’m from the USA and am 27.

  7. Hello, I’m looking to do the Circuit around this time as well – please let me know if you’ve made any further plans and if there is any room in your group for another person. 27, from England, trekking across the past couple of years in the UK – Haven’t done more than a few days hiking at a time and currently taking some time out of work to travel 🙂

  8. Hi everyone! I’m also looking to do the circuit around the same time. I’ll arrive in KTM on the 16th, and plan on staying in the city for a couple of days before the trek, so it would be great if I could join you (Michaela and/or the other people that have answered here). I’m 27, from Chile, and quite flexible with the starting date and pace of the trek.