Annapurna Circuit Trek

First of all: I did not plan a lot yet.

I have been to Nepal twice and mainly spent my time living in a monastery in the Himalayas. 2019 I plan to stay for a longer period of time in Nepal and I really want to see some new parts of this amazing country. I plan on doing the Annapurna circuit in May. I am really quite flexible with the dates… (April would also be manageable…. especially as it might be wise to avoid the raining season)

Please notice that I am very eager to reach my goals..At the same time I know my limits and know that I am not the physically strongest person on earth… Plan some extra time for me.

I really want to take a detour to Tilicho Lake.

If you are sure as well that you want to take in the mesmerising landscapes and take your time to get close to culture and mentality …. feel free to get in contact with me and start planning one wonderful adventure.


P.S. about me: I am in my early twenties and at the same time in my late hundreds (I feel old and from a different time at times), female, passionate about small things, Buddhist, calm and interested



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  1. Hi Eileen. Are you firm on your route? I’m planning to trek 10 days only. Either mardi himal/ langtang and mohare panda/ khorpa ridge. Are u open to different routes? 🙂