Annapurna Circuit Trek

Landing in KTM 26th Dec 2018, hoping to be on the bus to Besi Sahar by morning of 28th Dec; but am very flexible with times! I am staying until 25th Jan 2019

No expectations at all, come and go as you please – I’m just mainly looking for people to cross Thorung La pass and/or visit Lake Tilicho with. Age/gender don’t matter of course (grew up in a multicultural society). If you already have a group I can blend in easily and look after myself!

About me: 26 y.o. male from Australia. Just finished uni and this is my grad trip, I have budgeted enough to live reasonably. I’m an easy going person that keeps to myself but can also be sociable. I have experience trekking overseas and in Australia and regard myself as of average to above-average fitness: I am used to slowing pace to allow friends to keep up and willingly provide support if needed, demonstrating maturity. However, I am going solo this time as my friends wanted to go Japan! Whilst I have never trekked in Nepal I am confident I have the correct gear for the -20 degree nights (grateful for parents donating their gear to me).

Independent but happy to pool for a guide.



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  1. Hi Shane,

    I am a fellow Aussie also doing a grad trip and hoping to do the annapurna circuit. My dates align well with yours in that I will arrive on boxing day and will leave Nepal 17th of Jan. I am hoping to do the trek at least to Jomsom with side trek to tilicho lake but maybe finishing early because of my restricted time. Please let me know if you are interested. Also happy to split a guide.

  2. Hi Idy

    Yes still interested, sounds like great timing for both of us! Will message you my itinerary when I get home so we can maybe work something out. Also some of my family who did the Everest base camp want to recommend a guide they really liked.. will update you on that as well.


  3. Hey Shane!

    My name is Chalita, I’m from Bangkok (Thailand). I’m 24, I am a rock climber so I am quite active. I don’t really have that much experience with trekking and will be doing the Annapurna Circuit trek solo, it will be great to have a partner. I will be landing in Kathmandu on the 27th of December and will be happy to leave to Pokhara (by bus) and hopefully start trekking by the 28th / 29th! Looking to hear back from you!