Annapurna Circuit Trek +/- ABC. Come for a bit or come for it all!

Hello fellow travellers!

I’m new to this site, so apologies if this blurb isn’t everything that it’s meant to be! I’m a junior doctor (24 years old) from the UK who’s taking a small holiday and planning on the Annapurna Circuit Trek +/- Annapurna Base Camp Trek as well. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

A quick overview of the proposed route:

The route is the common anti-clockwise hike, starting in Besisahar and hiking all the way over Manang, Thorang La, Muktinath etc. I wouldn’t describe myself as super speedy, but I can hold my own fitness wise. Not intending on rushing through the circuit, so have some extra days for resting and maybe some sidewalks (Manang and Braga are apparently beautiful!). In total around 15-16 days but opportunity to speed up/slow down if needed.

I arrive in Kathmandu late on the 7th of December. I need one day to get myself prepared (registration, buying last bits of kit etc.), so I cannot depart from Kathmandu to Besisahar earlier than the 9th of December. So that’s the proposed starting day to get from Kathmandu to Besisahar with public transport.

I’m going to do the hike independently. But I thinks it’s safer and definitely more fun to find some people to join me for the hike, particularly for the dodgy bits like Thorung La.
I’ve got a itinerary in mind that i’m happy to share, and willing to take others advice and plans into account. Done a fair degree of research (including talking to friends who have done the trek)

If you are interested to join, please feel free to write, i’m a nice enough person and the worst that happens is our dates don’t match! I’m also open to discuss some changes or delaying the actual hike, but I can not start earlier, as I already booked a flight to Kathmandu and I’m at a wedding before. Wouldn’t want to start too late as well, as it’d be good to be home by new year!

If people want a guide for a particular part of the hike (Thorung La etc) I wouldn’t be against helping out on payment, but not keen on a guide the whole way around (I prefer my freedom!) I don’t need to travel extra cheap, but generally I prefer simplicity. So I figure the budget should be something up to 25$ a day (excluding anything special).

I’m a reasonably experienced trekker, although by no means an expert. I have some high altitude hikes behind me in the Himalaya’s and combined with my medical degree know roughly what to expect and what I should be able to do in the mountains.

I would describe me as a calm, relaxed guy who is easy to get along with, at least that’s what my friends are saying… If you are a relaxed person as well, feel free to contact me and we can figure out if things fit and discuss details. I don’t really care how old you are or where you come from or anything like that, as long as you are a nice, down to earth person who’s willing to have a bit of an adventure!

Looking forward to meet you in Nepal!



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  1. Hi John, how are you? My name is Christian and I too am planning to trek the Annapurna circuit this December. A bit about myself, I’m 44yrs from Australia an easy going kind of person, good natured and happy. While I don’t have any trekking experience I’m reasonably fit and have always been the outdoorsy type. My work as a commercial fisherman is physically demanding and I’m used to adverse weather conditions so I think I’m up for the challenge. Though I’m still in the embryo stages of planning I have booked my ticket and arrive in Kathmandu on 12th December. As with you I will need a day for permits last minute kit etc. so will be able to leave at the earliest on the 14th. If you think this may fit your time line feel free to drop me a line. Cheers! Christian

    • Hi Christian! I’m very well thanks. Good to hear you’re thinking of the trek, promising to be a good one! I wonder that leaving on the 14th might be too late for me. My flight home is on the 31st (back in time for new years eve!) and it leaves very little room on timings in case I take a little bit longer. I’m really sorry, but the last thing i’d want to do is be rushing to finish. Definitely a trek to take some time on! John

  2. Hi John, how are you!
    My name is Debbie, and I am thinking to go to Nepal solo and do the Annapurna 10-day trek.
    I will be arriving in Kathmandu on 7 December (around noon).
    So far my plan is probably signing up with a paid guide (bit pricey) as I am not an experience hiker (only have done Mt Rinjani, Mt Merapi, Mt Kinabalu before), but if I can find a buddy and save some cost, I would probably prefer this option.

    I promise my parents that I will be spending Christmas with them, so I have to fly out from Nepal on the 19 December.

    Let me know your thoughts 🙂 cheers.

  3. Hi John (and everybody else who reads this),

    My name is Bernd. and I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 4th and would like to walk the Annapurna.
    Your time window is perfect for me. A bit about my plan and myself. I don’t really got a plan. Booked the trip on the fly, to get away from it all and find adventure. This will be my first big solo trip and maybe for the start its good to do my first trek with some people.
    As for climbing hiking, I got experience. On family holidays we always went into the mountains of Switzerland. But less familiar with far away countries. Except for Thailand a while back.
    I am easy going creative from the netherlands. Who really like to see the mountains and views. i am getting myself informed as we speak. Friend of mine lived in Nepal for 10 years and another has already walked the Annapurna. Getting useful tips. This time of the year it will be cold over there but the views will be fantastic. Clear skies.

    After the Annapurna everything is open for me. I got no return date. Perhaps the Everest base camp. I got no schedule and will be staying in Nepal from anything from a month until 5.

    Let me know if this all suits you.

    Happy to hear from you.