Annapurna Circuit, Base Camp and Tilicho Lake Trek


I will be arriving in KTM from London on 02.03.18 and am looking for trekking partners that would be interested in hiking the Annapurna Circuit/Base Camp and Tilicho Lake Trek without guide or porter, staying at tea houses. If this interests you please do not hesitate to contact me…:)

I will be posting an itinerary soon with more information concerning the trek so please watch this place

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  1. Hi Dipesh family matters kept me from planning and replying to your letter. my plans have changed somewhat. I think I will now do the Basecamp and possibly the Annapurne Circuit afterwards. Still haven’t decided for sure yet. Sorry for not replying sooner and hope your plans go well.

  2. Hi Tommy, no worries. If you are planning on hiking to the base camp and Annapurna circuit afterwards, i’ve read its best to approach the circuit anti clockwise due to altitude gain. Good luck and take care. Kind Regards, Dipesh

  3. Hi Dipesh, I am planning to do EBC, but may change it to Annapurna circuit if all suits. Please share me the itinerary, time and cost so that I can have thought on this.

  4. Hi Fuad,

    Thanks for your message. I will be in KTM on the 02.03.18 and am planning on the Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho Lake and Base Camp trek without a guide/porter staying at teahouses. I estimate that the trek may take 25 days and will cost $20 daily. I haven’t confirmed the itinerary as yet but i’m working on one

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    • Hi Dipesh,

      Time and cost perfectly suits me, but the thing is this would be my first big trekking and I have no idea about the altitude sickness. I am keen to join given that you are comfortable. What is your suggestion?

  5. Hi Fuad,

    Although, i don’t claim to be an expert on high altitude hiking i was in Nepal 3 years ago for the EBC trek. The most import thing is not to push ones self, only carry what you need, drink plenty of water and go high during the day and sleep low. The worst symptoms that i experienced were mild headaches. If not done so already I would suggest reading/watching video’s about altitude sickness.

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  6. Hi Dipesh,

    I am also planning to do the AC including Tilicho lake starting from end of February / beginning of March. Wouldn’t join you for the EBC though. What’s your prefered itineray, would you be doing the EBC in the end?

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  7. Hi Janis,

    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, my dates are fixed and cannot start the trek any sooner as I will be arriving in KTM on 02.03.18. Are your dates fixed?. As yet I haven’t worked out an exact itinerary as it very much depends upon whether I can catch a bus to Besisahar the same day or i’ll fly directly to Pokhara and spend the night there before starting the trek on 03.03.18. I can however say that my plan involves AC, Tilicho lake and base camp. I would like to give myself 25 days and staying at tea houses and hope to be joined by another person that i’ve been in contact with on trekking partners

    I won’t be doing EBC as i already did it but definitely worth doing

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