Auden’s Col Trek

Looking for partners to join me on Auden’s col trek. The trail starts from Ghuttu and ends in Gangotri where one could drive back to Delhi via Dehradun. The trail could be done from Gangotri to Ghuttu as well.
Or the other option is to start in Gangotri, go upto the Col and return back to Gangotri. This is classed as a very difficult and hard trek. Cost will vary depending on number of people joining the trek.



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  1. Hey Abhishek, this is a trek that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time. Do get in touch so we can discuss it further. Phone: 9810188611
    Drop a whatsapp

  2. I will call you soon. Are you free for this trek in September?

    • Yes I am free, just need a decent team. And I am also a little surprised at the budget you mentioned, so we shall have to walk through the logistics planning.