Bosnia Herzegovina (Via Dinarica Trails)

I am planning to do the Via Dinarica Trail.

The itinirary is flexible, but it would be between 8 to 10 days of cross-border trekking along the Via Dinarica trail, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Montenegro.

Roughy (though not definitely), the starting point would be at the Sutjeska National Park. And then from there, perhaps I’d hike to Donje Bare lake & Uglješin peak (1,858 m); then ascent the Maglić Mountain (2,386 m) which is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina; then cross-border to Montenegro; hike to Crkvičko polje and Sokolina plateau; continue to Nedajno Village to Sušicko and Škrčko lakes; ascent from Škrčko lake to Botun pass (1,877 m), and then descent to Žabljak.



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