Cross Borneo Trek

Hi there. Looking for travel companions for a cross borneo trek. I was originally looking to join an open departure, but there seems to be very few or none.

Which is why the alternative of finding a group like this came to me. I am flexible July and August this year (2016).


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  1. Hi per magnus !

    I flight to borneo this summer . I arrive in Balikpapan the 15 of July and I would like to make this trek. It seems quite hard to find people who want to do this trail so I’m interested in your proposal . Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information

  2. I’ve found something with Lucas Gigantes starting August 7. Would be happy to change to several different days, even around July 15. One major problem seems to find a guide you can trust reasonably. Lucas has very varied reviews on the internet, and given you’re away for about 3 weeks, getting stuck with a guide who does not speak English and only brings sandwiches to eat or just disappears on you will be difficult. However: he already has 2 on that trip, so it will happen if a third joins (maybe me and you?). I imagine I need to go there, inspect the guides and the crew (and the food!), and then not pay until enough is in place for it to be good. I would really like to go, but for three weeks I need to be certain guides and support is actually good.

    • Hi Per-Magnus

      When you say Lucas Gigantes, I guess you mean Lucas Zwaall from De’Gigant tours who is recommended in the Lonely Planet? This travel agency seems to be a good option for this trek but the trip scheduled on august 7 is a little bit too late for me because I’ve got to fly back to France the 28 of august from Kuala Lumpur so I think it’s too short for a 3 week trek. A departure in the second half of July will be definitively better for me because my flights are already booked. I don’t know if it’s the same for you. Do you already have your ticket flight to Borneo? If you’re flexible, the departure the 7 of august is probably a good option for you and I‘ll understand you’ll go for this one. If not, maybe we could try to find an arrangement for a sooner departure and I share your point of view about the fact that it would be nice to check the organization before departure. From what you say, this guy need a least 3 people to start a trip. Did he give you any information about the cost for a departure with 3 people?

  3. Yes I do! Problem is there are a few not so good reviews on the internet – the only one good in Lonely Planet. I think it is only 18 days or so, so you will actually be able to be back in France :-). I have not bought my tickets, but am planning a trip w my kids too … and they cannot collide too much so in the middle of juggling with dates right now. Could possibly go really early too … end of June. Lucas is charging 2000 dollars, and says it is a go with three. So for two maybe around 5000 ? Then again, if you buy your guides on the ground, you may be able to get a better price (the draw back is it may take a few days to put it all together so it is likely not worth it from a cost point of view but could be an experience).

  4. Sorry first for this late answer but it didn’t be advised by email for your reply. For the departure on the 7 of august, it’s maybe possible but I think it’s risky for me. This trek is not an easy one so delays can occurs ^_^ . The other problem for me is the fact that I arrive in Balikpapan the 15 of july, so I should wait quite a lot of time before this departure and there’s not so much things to do around Balikpapan ^_^ ! Apart from that, 2000 US seems to be a fair price for 3. I think I could go up to 2500 for two if you’re OK (but paying before departure). If not, I’ll see what is possible to do when I’ll arrive there and go as far as possible ^_^