Beni to Dolpo, Shey Gompa, Rara Lake – Sept/Oct 2017

I am 35 years old, from London, and taking a sabbatical from work. I would like to trek from Beni to Dolpo and up to Shey Gompa, then ideally to Rara Lake afterwards (via Jumla).

I would like to follow the Lonely Planet trek which includes a circuit through Tarap and Phoksumdo lake, and the whole trek apparently takes 23 days (not including the Rara Lake part). I calculate this whole trek to Jumla, then round Rara Lake will take 48 days. I have been provided with a detailed itinerary by a local trekking company, I can share the details on request.

I have a contact who is a guide (not yet booked) and looking for some trekking partners.



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  1. It seems you are going all in for the restricted access areas – Manaslu, Upper Mustang, and Dolpo! What’s your logistical plan for Dolpo/GHT with much of it being outside the teahouse areas (as far as I can tell) for long periods of time? This shows guide-only but from what I’ve read it seems like porters are almost required to complete this. Also, does this require the Upper Dolpo permit or does it bypass that section ($$$). I haven’t been able to confirm.

  2. Hi Mark, yes I am going a bit crazy on the restricted access areas!! For Dolpo, I have a guide and porter lined up and will treat this like a proper expedition with camping and mules to carry the equipment. I will require the upper dollop permit, which is expensive. I can send you my planned itinerary if that’s of interest? The whole thing should take between 45-50 days. Keen to join me?!

  3. Not sure if my first attempt is going to go through since it’s awaiting moderation, presumably from my email address. Second attempt:
    Haha, keen might be a bit rich at the moment, but certainly intrigued. I’m quite an experienced and capable hiker, but I’ve certainly not done anything near that length or altitude so that gives me some pause. Honestly, your Manaslu route through Annapurna and then Tilico I’d be keen for, but wasn’t really planning on being in Nepal into November. I’m open ended so it’s not impossible, just not something I had considered. Can you send me the itinerary for Dolpo and your tentative budget per person? The Upper Dolpo permit is steep, but spread out over 50 days isn’t so bad. Also, what gear/supplies would be arranged vs my own responsibility and what would camping arrangements be? You can reach me at pre176(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. hiii Annie

    I wish to join you for final leg of your trek,from Dolpa to Rara lake as I am short of time

    I have trekked Shey phoksundu trek last year and was mesmerized by the beauty if Dolpa area.i believe you will enjoy trekjing in Dolpo area

    Please share your itineray so we can plan the trek together as the trek is quite virgin and remote and if will be better to trek in a group than alone