Dolpo Nepal Shey Gompa june 2019

I’m looking for a person to trek with me to Shey Gompa / Upper Dolpo in June 2019. I have gone trekking in Nepal more than 20 times over the last more than 30 years. Dates approximately June 13 to 30, though the monsoon may delay the start or end of trip, perhaps by up to 5 days. I have tents, cooking equipment and other gear stored in Kathmandu from previous treks, which I can lend out. So you only need a Warm sleeping bag, clothes, personal items, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the ability to keep your GOOD HUMOR when the logistics go not-as-planned, which regularly happens in Nepal. I would prefer someone with prior Nepal trekking experience, but I’m open-minded about newcomers. I think that Thorn Tree may have disabled private messages, but let me know if you are interested and I can post an “alias” email address. I look forward to meeting the perfect person for this trek to a magical place. There is a good video of the area on YouTube, if you google You tube beyond the mountains trekking in dolpo

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  1. i believe thats a restricted area demanding a guide and a hefty permit. isnt it?

  2. Hi, I sent you a message

    • I just came back from a short trek to Annapurna Base Camp. Which I was unable to reach because during this past winter a Huge amount of snow fell in Nepal, quite out of line with what has historically fallen.

      While I was in Kathmandu, I talked to a woman from Dolpo who advised me that it was not smart to try to go to Dolpo this year as early as June. Because it may be impossible or at least dangerous to cross the high passes as early as June. So I am likely to postpone the trek until 2020, and do the Dolpo trek starting in mid-September, when much of the snow should have melted, but it is still warm enough to be pleasant.

      Good luck with your plans.

  3. I’m interested starting after the middle of May
    trekked in the Everets and annapurna regions last year
    All the best

  4. do you have to fly to the start of the trek? Me and my partner are interested. We’re entering nepal in a few days. Ive done EBC plus 3 passes last year and also annapurna basecamp a while ago. Just hiked to 4500m , tapovan mountain in India (just a 4 day trek)