I think about trekking Dolpo in August 2018. Its, hopefully, going to be my 6th trek in Nepal. I only can come in August next year and would prefer to trek in the shade of the monsoon. I am flexible with the dates (middle of July -end of August)



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  1. Hello Natasha, your proposed trek sounds interesting. Are you thinking about Upper or Lower Dolpa? I have been to Nepal 4 times but these areas are new to me. You time frame of mid July / end of August is good for me. Hope to hear from you with more details.

    • Hi Paul, I would prefer Upper Dolpo as Lower Dolpo is affected by monsoon. I am in the process of planning as this trek requires tents and food + cooking gear. Going on my own with a guide is out of question, so everything depends on whether I can find 2-3 people more.
      I did solo treks in the past (strictly speaking not quite solo as I was with a guide) and don’t mind it if it’s guesthouse trek, but not camping.

  2. Thanks for the response Natasha. Your original post said Humla or Dolpa. Have you dropped the idea of trekking Humla? Upper Dolpa would be interesting though the permit is costly. Are you working with an trek agency to finalize details. Have you calculated the total permit cost given the expected days in the restricted area? I understand that Upper Dolpa is at least partially a camping trek requiring the gear that you mentioned. Anyway I have the resources (time & $$) and the interest to trek Nepal again. Has anyone else joined your trek so far? Sorry for all the rambling questions – I will have to read up more on the Dolpa region.

    • Hi Paul, I would want to trek both but I in August I would prefer Dolpa as Humla is more influenced by monsoon. I trekked in Langtang during monsoon and found it a bit difficult. Leeches and
      especially lack of visibility made it a bit disappointing, though fog made some places look surreal.
      Nobody joined the trek at the moment, that is why I keep 2 options.
      As for the arrangements, I trek with a company which I trust. Originally the guide was recommended by my friends, now he has a company.

  3. Hi Natasha, I agree that avoiding the monsoon is best. And I am definitely interested in Upper Dolpa. Last spring I trekked with three others the neighboring region of Nar-Phu and Upper Mustang. A fantastic trip – we planned the Upper Mustang trek to coincide with the Tiji festival. If it will help I have some contacts from previous treks that may be interested, though I think the permit costs may be a big factor with them. Can I suggest that we continue the conversation offline? I can be reached by email at – paceratgmxdotus.
    Best regards, Pau

    • *Paul