Hi I’m planning to do ebc this april I’m ok to take a flight to lukla but if someone out there wants to do shivalaya route to lukla I’m also interested to join in and discuss further plans. Thanks!



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  1. Hey there – I’m also planning to do the EBC hike in mid-April. I’m from the US, but currently based in Laos until end of March, so I’m in the region and my dates are flexible.

    I’m prepared to hire a guide/porter and do the trek on my own, but would be great to have company.

  2. Hey! I’m looking to do this hike mid April and would like to do Gokyo Ri also. I’m from the US too and currently in India until I make my way to Nepal, so also have flexibility in dates. I’m also prepared to hire a guide/porter and would like to find one or two others to trek with.


  3. Hey Ben and saira,

    I’ll be in Nepal around 16th of April. And your arrival?

    • I don’t have tickets yet but thinking I’ll be coming around the same time. Interesting fly enough before seeing this thread I thought 16th April would be a good date for me to fly to Kathmandu.

  4. Nice seem we have same dates. Do you want to spend one day to explore Kathmandu or directly fly to lukla?

    • I am backpacking northern India before heading to Nepal so will need a day to find a cheap hotel to stash some stuff while trekking and pick up a few extra layers. Where are you coming in from and how many days are you able to do? Do you have what’s app? My Indian phone number is +91 91523 53171 for now. May change by the time I reach Nepal to a Nepalese Sim or my US number through wifi use

  5. Oh shoot – The 16th now is too early for me. I forgot I accepted a work stay near Shimla until the 15th in North India, and definitely wanting to check out Manali and/or Dharamsala for a week or so after that. Are your plans flexible? If something changes in my travels, I’ll let you know, otherwise I’m actually now looking to do about a week or a week and a half later than the 16th.

  6. Hi, Saira its Vivek here from Delhi I am Planning for Pin Parvati Pass trek Himachal Pradesh India on the first week of June, It is one of the most wonderful and adventurous treks covering 105km with Height of 5435m, I am going independent by just hiring porter
    we are now 2 people one from Argentina, we are looking for 1 or 2 more people to join us
    let me know if you wanna explore this Adventure
    cheers Vivek