Heading to Kathmandu start of september for an extended stay for at first some trekking to EBC and others, in preperation for a real mountaineering climb or 2.
My mountaineering skill level is novice, ive done a few courses but have limited experience but ive climbed in alaska poland and equador.
Open to throwing in other sports to 😉
My trip is open to ideas as my priority is to find the right climbing partner,
Hope to here from well anybody 😉



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  1. Hi!
    I am planning to do EBC via jiri and also cover Gokyo Lakes. The stay along the route will be at Tea Houses. I think it will take around a total of 20-22 days for the entire trek. I am not looking to hire any porters ot guides.
    As far as the experience goes , I too am novice who wants to do this trek before venturing further into the mountaineering territory. I am going to vlog the whole trek.
    Though I am planning to do it in December but am open to do it anytime after 13th September if i find like minded company.
    Thanks and Regards

    Tapesh Khanna

  2. Hi Tapesh
    Thanks for the reply
    I to would like to see the lakes, so fine with me to add it. but i am tied down to september at least to set off on the trek.
    Have you anything booked yet?

  3. Hi Craig
    If you start the trek on 15th Sept, We can go together. I can land at Kathmandu on 14th at the earliest. let me know if it is ok with you.
    I haven’t booked anything yet but will do it accordingly.

    • Hi Tapesh
      that sound good to me, let me know when you confirm a flight 🙂

  4. Hi Craig,

    I will be flying into Kathmandu on 31st Aug and leaving Kathmandu on 15th September. I would like to keep my costs down as well by staying at the local teahouses and not hiring a guide or porter. I plan to fly into and out of Lukla at the start / end of the trek.

    Perhaps we could work something out if you are agreeable 🙂


    • sorry cherish bit to early for me and want to start at jiri

    • No worries, have a good trek 🙂

  5. Hi Craig,
    Did you book anything? If you can change your date, I have a plan for going there, but I have a flight ticket for coming to Nepal on 1st October.
    Please Check my plan and tell me if you would like to join me

  6. There you guys flying to Lukla here something change about flight ticket please check than decide well.