EBC/ Lobuche

Hi all, first time to Nepal in April 2018. I’m wanting to do an unguided solo trek to EBC with a guided climb on Lobuche on way back.

If anyone is interested in sharing cost of the guide for Lobuche climb let me know. I’m in the process of looking for a guide/company for the Lobuche climb. I will need to hire climbing equipment as well.

Planning to arrive in KTM on the 1st April and start trek on the 3rd. Aiming to climb around 13/14/15th of April.

Any advice from people who have done this trip would be appreciated too.




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  1. Hey Brad

    When are you gonna start to trek? Planning to do ebc independent wonder if I can join you.

  2. Hi Cory, planning to start trek on the 3rd. I plan to trek solo but am looking for climbers to share cost for Lobuche. I have updated my trip to be more accurate. If you’re interested in the climb, let me know. Otherwise I’ll be trekking solo.


    • If I can join you in ebc unguided trek would be nice since I’m also going solo too.