EBC Trek April 2018

**Guides Please Do Not Contact Me**

Looking to trek the EBC April 2018. My dates are specific, but certainly in that month.

Looking for like minded travelers to split the costs of a guide and maybe a porter, but we can discuss further.

Thanks 🙂



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  1. Hi Jenna,

    I am Allan, I have been wanting to do this trek for a long time and i think next April would be the perfect time for me. I also believe that if one is going to have a trekking partner its better to get to know them a bit before going on the trek. Let me know if you would be interested in discussing further.


  2. Hi Jenna,
    I am from San Francisco Bay area, California. Planning the EBC tracking staring on April 12 or 13, 2018 and looking for like-minded partner. I have already brought the air ticket returning Kathmandu on 27 April ,2018. I am leaning toward hiring a Guide/porter instead of joining an organized tracking company, if you are interested please let me know, we can discuss further.

  3. Hi Jenna,
    I am also trekking EBC in April, my dates are flexible. I would like to share the cost of a guide or porter. If you are still looking for trekking partner let me know. We could form a small group. Thanks