Ecuador, Antizana, Ilizina, El Altar, Chimborazo Jan 18

Hi, I am looking for partner/s to join forces (and money) climbing with me some of the most beautiful and technical peaks in Ecuador during Jan 2018.

The idea is to acclimate trekking for a few days then do in order.

Antizana, Ilizina (south) and finally El Altar

These climbs are not for beginners (intermediate level, so experience of mountaineering and climbing is needed. No Beginners please). We would have a guide with us on climbing days only .

The important is to have fun so if we find out after the first 2 peaks that El Altar is to ambitious, we could change plans and still use our acclimatisation and go for an easy climb on a higher peak to finish this trip (Cambaye, Chimborazo….)

I am Bastien, 37, M , speak English and French (bit of Spanish too). So far I am on my own (but going for sure) I am open to comments and trip modifications.

The total land cost for all of this should be below 2k usd including guides



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