Everest Base Camp

Hi All,

I am looking to embark on the EBC trek leaving Kathmandu on the 26th or 27th of November. Was looking at doing around about 15 days return. I have research guide and porter prices already, but was hoping to meet up with some people to make a group to a. share the cost and b. share the experience.

I am open to suggestions and recommendations – date changes etc.

Let me know



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  1. Hey Tamara,

    I’m also looking to trek EBC around that time however am looking to go a little earlier, preferably leaving the 19th… I’ve been looking at some treks and found these two which have been more of the affordable well rated ones..



    Not sure how much cheaper it is to just find a guide and porter upon arrival in Nepal.

    Let me know if you’re interested!


  2. Hey Tamara,

    I’m also looking at doing the EBC trek (along with some detours along the way if possible) sometime in late november/early december as well. I believe its the shoulder season during those months which would make for a much better experience but will also start to get a bit cold as winter sets in.

    I will be flying from Sydney –> Kathmandu and then catch a plane to Lukla to start the EBC trek. I was originally thinking of going Namche Bazaar –>Gokyo lakes –> Cho La Pass –> Dughla –> EBC –> Dingboche –> Island Peak (summit climb) –> Dingboche and then finally back to Namche Bazaar and Lukla which should take about 21-28 days all up.

    I think you can also go the other direction as well, so If the Cho La Pass is too treacherous, I might just do the normal EBC trek (15 days) and skip the Gokyo lakes detour.

    Let me know what you think,


    • Hi Arnie,
      have you already organize and find a group?? I’m probably in late but I’m also planning to do EBC and Goyko lakes or Manaslu Circuit Trek. I’ll be in Kathmandu on the 22nd of november.
      I’m in contact with a Nepalese guide that make me 2 good plans. If you are still organizing I can send you the trips 🙂
      Let me know

  3. I am planning to arrive to Nepal on the 23rd , spend 2-3 days in Kathmandu and them do the ABC trek .

    Open to ideas and to join a group

  4. Hi everybody!!! I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 22nd of November and I’ll be interest in EBC and Goyko lakes or Manaslu Circuit Trek. Do you all have already have a group??
    I’m in contact with a Nepalese guide that make me 2 good plans. If some of you is interested I can send the trip and we can organize 🙂
    Let me know what do you think!!
    Can’t wait to be there 😀 😀