Everest Base Camp Trek

I am dreaming about trekking to ebc on 10th february or so.

I am adventurous , resourceful and reliable spanish 33 years old guy.

I have done other trips in the past, for example last year I cycle with my MTB from croatia to turket, crossing 6 countries, just me, my bicycle and my tent.

Nowadays I live in a camper van in the forest in a small spanish island, enjoying the nature.

I am looking for ‘do it urself’ adventure, I have a low budget, I dont want to do the trek with a tour operator company but on the other hand a partner to trek in those conditions is very helpful, I want to know culture, local people, local villages and get to know himalayas.

I am planning to fly to katmandú in the 8th of february so I will have time to get ready.



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  1. Hey Antonio,
    Seems like we a similar trip in mind… I am a surfer, snowboarder and nature lover from Australia. So I consider myself to be reasonably fit. I am flying solo into ktm on the 4th of jan and out on the 28th of feb. Just wondering if you were flexible with dates? As I was thinking of leaving a little earlier and hiking from Jiri for the cultural experience. And taking roughly a month or a bit less. From what I have read being off the main trekking route gives you more of an insight into the real nepal and supposedly a great way to acclimatize to altitude. Anyways look forward to hearing from you ✌