Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello all! I am looking to do the EBC trek sometime in April with a trekking company. I am a 28 year old female from the USA. I would prefer to do one of the 12 day treks and am looking for someone to join me on this adventure! I’d love to chat a bit before hand and work out details together or with a group. Still flexible on most of the itinerary. Thanks!



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  1. Hi Emily, i am planning to go as well and would love to join you. If you like we can speak on skype or something. Let me know if you would like to team up with me..


  2. Hi Emily, I live in NYC and also want to trek EBC in April.l and looking for a trekking partner/partners . It will be my first trek in Nepal

  3. Hi Emily, I’m from Toronto and planning to do EBC in April-18. I am looking for a trekking partner. We can make a group and work out details. I’m flexible on plans as long as I have like minded people. Send me a msg if we can team up. Thanks.