Everest Base Camp Trek

Hello dear trekkers,

I am Jay from Toronto, 36 old male, and have some trekking experience in US & Canada.

Now I am planning to do Everest Base Camp trek, starting from Kathmandu to Lukla sometime in April 2018. The plan is to do EBC in 14 days.

I haven’t inquired about any quotes for guides/porter yet. I plan to do that in coming days. I very much look forward to the trek / climb, and I am looking for a trekking partner (or partners to form a small group) so I don’t need to go alone.

Let me know if are interested in joining!

PS. If there is already an independent or organized group out there going to EBC during that time that I could join and share costs with, let me know.



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  1. Hey Jay,

    I am also planning on doing EBC in April and looking for exactly the same as you are. trekking partners or to join an organized group. I would like to do this trek as low cost as possible but I am flexible. Let me know your thoughts

  2. Hi Jay,
    I am from San Francisco Bay area, California. Planning the EBC tracking staring on April 12 or 13, 2018 and looking for like-minded partners. I have already brought the air ticket returning Kathmandu on 17 April ,2018. I am leaning toward hiring a Guide/porter instead of joining an organized tracking company, if you are interested please let me know, we can discuss all possible options.

  3. Typo, my return date from Kathmandu is 27 April ,2018.

  4. Hi jay.im also planning to do ebc.its my first time to trek in nepal. I’ll arrive in the 16th of april.if it’s okay to join you.thanks