Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi there!

I am planning to do EBC in April (probably starting somewhere around the second week of April) and am looking for a partner or (small) group to join forces with! My only restriction is that I have to be finishing up the trek by late April as I need to be in Malaysia on or before May 2nd– otherwise, my dates are flexible. I plan to arrive in Nepal sometime around April 5th or 6th, and am looking to start after a couple days of prep in Kathmandu.

I am open to pretty much any variation of the EBC trek that fits within my time frame, at a slowish to moderate pace (let’s enjoy those views instead of blasting through it!), and I would love to have someone to split costs for a guide and/or porter and possibly rooms along the way. I found an itinerary including Gokyo Lakes that I quite like (https://www.twowanderingsoles.com/blog/perfect-everest-base-camp-trekking-itinerary) but as I said, I am open to pretty much anything.

Let me know if you are interested, and we will have a chat to see if we might be compatible trekking buddies! 🙂

Happy travels,





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  1. Hi there! I’m also planning to do the EBC hike in April. I’m from the US, but based in Laos until April, so I’m in the region and my dates are flexible.

    I haven’t done a hike like this before, so I’m planning to hire a porter. Would be great to have someone to split the cost with (and to have company on the hike).

    Hope to hear from you!

  2. HI Payton (and Ben)

    I am also looking to do a starting around April 7th and EBC is high on my list. The Itinerary looks good!

    I’ve done a shortish trek in Nepal before, just myself and a guide, but would love to do another with more company and less expense 🙂

    Hope to hear from you!