Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi fellow trekkers!
I am a solo trekker just back from the classical Everest region trek starting from Jiri. I have already started planning for my next trip and I am looking out for like-minded trekkers who can join my plan.

My plan at the moment is for around two weeks of trekking in Nepal. I don’t mind doing the Everest trek again, maybe add Ama Dabalam BC as it was just fantastic deviation last time. Other options could be Langtang. Right now I am flexible on the location & dates, maybe sometime in October-November.

I am comfortable communicating in Hindi and that is a BIG help for trekking solo. I managed to trek for 25 days for about 350USD last December and hopefully it will be as economical this time around too.
I will be editing this post with details, but do let me know if you have similar no-porter/no-guide plans and you want to trek on a shoestring budget!



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