Huayhuash Circuit 2019

I’m planning to do an 8 or 9 day Huayhuash circuit in late August (probably starting 25 or 26 Aug). The route I am thinking is Quartelhuain > Mitucocha > Carhuacocha > Huayhuash > Cuyoc > Cutatambo > Huatiaq > Incahuain > Llamac. My preference is to go independently but not alone, so hoping to find others to join me. If you’re interested or have similar plans send me a message!



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  1. Hi Susie,
    I am also planning my next trip and I stumbled on the Huayhuash Circuit. It sounds amazing and I am thinking about going for it but not alone. I prefer to travel independently too, but on this trip I am a bit concerned about the altitude. I did a trek in india a couple of years ago (the markha valley trail) and there we rented someone with two ponies to carry our lagage and I have to admit, I probabely wouldn’t have made it to 5200m whilst carrying my backpack. We only had 3 days to acclimatize, which might have been a reason for this. How did you plan to adapt to the altitude? Did you plan to carry everything? With 9 days of food the backpacks are going to be quite heavy.

  2. Hi Mirjam
    It does look amazing, doesn’t it. I think you should do it 🙂
    I’ve already booked flights and will arrive in Huaraz 22 August. I’m planning 3 or 4 days there and will do a couple of day trips to acclimatise – maybe Laguna 69 (4500m) and Pastoruri Glacier (5000m). I’m hoping that’s enough. I have been to higher altitudes in Nepal and on Kilimanjaro, but admittedly wasn’t carrying a full pack for either of those.
    It is possible to hire mules for the Huayhuash. I could maybe be convinced to do that, but I do like the idea of carrying my own – for the sense of achievement and also the freedom. But yes, it would be a heavy pack – I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep the weight down!
    Let me know what you think.

  3. Also, I’m not someone that needs to be super fast – given the altitude and difficulty I am more than happy to take it slow!

  4. Hey Susie. I would love to join you on this hike as I was planning to do the same

  5. i wish you all the best ladies but remember its not the safest of areas for lone travellers, let alone women. take care.

  6. I’m open to doing to Santa Cruz-Alpamayo circuit instead of the Huayhuash if anyone is interested in that…

  7. Greetings.
    I have completed this trek in 2009.
    It is one of the most memorable experiences but if you are doing it alone without a guide you need to have a good grasp of Spanish as many of the locals you stay close to dont speak English. It is a trip that crosses some high passes but like Nepal just go slow.