Humla or Dolpo

I am still working on it. I don ‘t mind either Dolpo or Humla. I did 3 treks in Nepal in previous 3 years _EBC+Kalapatar; Mustang + Gorepani ,Poon Hill; and Gosain Kund, Langtang valley + Tamang Heritage. The last one was in August. So I would prefer to escape monsoon.



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  1. wow!!!
    Dolpa sounds fun. Humla equally good. This’s on my bucket list for this year.
    Would love to hear more from you about your plans.

  2. Hi Natasha, I have the first half of August free for hiking and I will be visiting my husband’s family in Bangalore between mid and end July. So I will be quite interested to do a hike in upper Dolpo or Himla (basically I am familiar with the monsoon and I’m not keen on hiking in areas with monsoon). I have hiked quite a bit in Europe but have never done a hike in India. Can you give me more details about your plans (if you haven’t dropped them yet)? Thanks, Ivona

    • Hi Iva,
      I am not sure at the moment. Dolpa is in Nepal. It is 19-20 days camping trek, which makes it rather expensive. + permits. Considering the circumstances I will probably cancel my plans. But I thought about doing GR20 – Corsica. Have you done this trek? Natasha

  3. Hi Natasha, I am interested in doing an extensive Upper Dolpa trip sometime between July and August, how far have you gotten in the planning as per itinerary and costs?

  4. Hi Natasha,

    I am currently in Kathmandu where I’ve been volunteering and have been itching to trek to Upper Mustang. Would you have any interest in heading that way? I’m hoping to find a partner to get permits with.

    If not interested in that, I’d consider an alternative trek. Hoping to have more time in guest houses in villages than camping. Would prefer to leave soon as I’m just in country through about Aug 20.


  5. Hi Ted,
    I cancelled my trip as I could not find partners for the trip. I went to upper Mustang 2 years ago. It’s amazing place. I think I’ll be going to Manaslu area in April. Natasha