Jiri – Everest Base Camp – Gokyo – Lukla

Trekking in Everest region starting mid December but don’t have an exact date. Planning to start from Jiri or Shivalaya and head to EBC. Possibly head to Gokyo also. Would enjoy a couple / few fun people to walk with some of the way or all of it. I usually walk a little faster than the norm but pace can be discussed.

I’ve done this independently before from Lukla but would like to add the Jiri to Lukla part to see some new terrain and extend the walking.

Let me know if you’re planning on the Everest region mid – late December and have interest in meeting up.



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  1. Hi Doug
    I was thinking about ding the Sagarmatha Base Camp trek following Tenzing and Hillary’s footstep, by that i meant starting from Jiri. I would love to join you. Let’s be in touch. Neel, Pokhara

    • Hey Neel. I arrive in Ktm on Dec. 15. Prob head for Jiri on 17 or 18. I’m staying at Hotel osho home in ktm. Email walksftly@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Doug,

    I arrive in Kathmandu on 12 Dec and looking to get to EBC but open to route etc. Let me know if you’re still open to people joining.



  3. Hi Jaime-

    Yes. I arrive on the 15th. We should grab a beer.

  4. Hi Doug, I’ve booked into Osho so catch up for a beer soon.

    • Sounds good.

  5. Got your message Trif. I’m beat up from travel. I’ll find you in the morning. D