Jiri to EBC via Gokyo Lakes

Arriving in KTM late November and planning to do Jiri to EBC via Gokyo. Leaving around 1st-3rd November and completing it in 21-23 days.

At the moment I am looking to do it independently and would love some company!



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  1. Cathy,

    Hi, I’m from NYC, but right now I live in Sicily for work. I will be in Nepal in Nov and I’m looking to hike the EBC or whole Annapurna circuit. I was looking to start a little early then the 8th, but if you have a few people hiking together, I could probably move my dates a few days.

    • Hi Dennis,

      At the moment it is just me. I arrive quite late on the 8th of Nov and will need a few days to sort out gear & permits. I think the earliest I could start hiking is the 11th. I’d like to do EBC before the AC to try and make the most of the clear weather in November.

  2. That is the big problem for traveler. Himalaya adventure is not a simple journey.most of people they would experience by themselves instead hiring a guide. in fact, we should also alert do not trek alone.trekking in Himalaya are exceptional beauty but also need to awareness about the critical areas before decide to adventure.who knows if she have expert guide-it could be alive today.so,we always alert for Individual trekkers to take a Guide when go to Nepal Himalaya or either must be list on registration company.

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  3. Hey Cathy,

    I’ll also be Going up to EBC and Gokyo lakes mid November!

    Add me on FB: Carl-Philippe Rousse